Monday, May 22, 2006

Welcome WPB !

Monday, 22/05/06

Review later !


Farewell WDJ

Thanks WDJ for serving us for 12 long years (from 1994)!!! All the places we have travelled – From North to South (Bukit Kayu Hitam to JB), East to West (not exactly, but the East Coast, KT down to Kuantan, Genting, KL).

You’ve been based in Kerteh for almost a year (June 2003 – May 2004). I still remember when I left you for 2 weeks at the basement during the monsoon season, you smell of damp when I came back. Poor you !! Then I had to put Thirsty Hippo to absorb all the moist. You also had a puncture when I went to KSB and got you fixed immediately.

You went to Kuantan for shopping (well, for me to shop, actually). And poor you again, I got you stuck in mud one midnite in Cherating. Only managed to get you out the next morning. Poor you, left out in the cold. Nobody knows this little secret except a few friends & cousins actually.. shhhh..

It has been smooth sailing for all the 12 years – you are still as good as new !! We still have your ID with us when it wouldn’t it stick to your rear anymore, hehe.. Will always cherish the fond memories we have together.


Friday, May 19, 2006

K Lina's Bachellorette Bash

Fri, 19/05/06 , 21.00 hrs
I'm exaggerating, it's not a bash actually, just a nice dinner (in a private, cosy corner) with her & Shahril at Victoria's Station. Initially it's supposed to be at Chilli's at 1U, but parking on a friday night is just a nightmare!! I phone my mom asking her where else should we have dinner ? But Shahril has already make his mind up, but still asks us where to go. The ever so courteous Shahril..

It's Shahril's idea actually, and I just crash in, heheh. And Shahril treats K Lina and some dashing hunks serenade her with love songs

Singing for K Lina

The steak is tender and exquisite, though we complement it with good ol' fruit juice, not really exquisite eh, you should be having it at least with a sparkling. Can't really understand what the international waiters (India I think) are saying anyway when they recommended their beverage.

Happy after eating steak & the singing

We then proceed to a Mamak stall for more chatting. K Lina is getting married!! I ask her a lot of burning questions which I've always wanted to ask, but didn't dare to until tonite. At least until she has finsihed her glass of teh tarik. I can't write them down here... sorry if I've whetted your appetite for the hot hot info!! You need to ask K Lina yourself then. Some plans for the roadtrip to Ipoh & to accomodate the Aussies.

Then it's already 1.30 am. Time to go home. How fast time flies. And I'm really full by now. Just nice to hit the sack.

The K Lina Bachellorette Bash is sponsored by Shahril.
The singing part is just imaginary.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Newsflash: Missing heels

Announcement :
There has been a missing one half of a pair of heels. The info we have is the price of RM 55.90, with code 2859FSA Almon 8. Whoever fits the heels is believed to be the first lady of PERTOM. Who can guess the owner will get a price from me, hehe…

Whose could this be?
The next day, 01/05/06 , Secret Recipe, Avenue K
Seen here is K Lina playing with her new toy (a spanking new Nokia 7370 hp!! – Cool packaging !) See her grin from ear to ear, oblivious to her surroundings ! Prior to that, she just passed me her wedding card invitation. Yes, she’s getting married !! And she looks just like a school girl, doesn’t she?

Happy girls after eating brownies

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Heart and soul

Kerteh gang have planned to visit pusara arwah & arwah’s family at least once a month. Our next visit will be on Friday, 02/03/06 morning, insyaallah.
In case any of you want to visit, the address is 3B, Desa Sri Jenaris, Sg Kantan, 43000, Kajang , S'gor. House phone # is 03-87362546

Anyway, I know this came a bit late, but I just realised I didn’t put the accounts of the day itself, just for memory’s sake, not meant to stir emosions, appologies if I did.
I went to arwah's funeral on mon 24/4/06, but reached a bit late. Arwah dah dikebumikan masa sampai. I was a bit stunned that i couldn't see arwah's face for the last time. But friends told me, her face was a picture of pure and calm. and no bruises either, except a bit of swollen arms due to the impact. And she passed away immediately, so she didn't feel any pain.

Arwah's parents & Baby went to kemaman to identify her. They reached there 4am, and arwah's mom mandikan sendiri jenazah arwah. Then after solat jenazah, they took off back to KL 6am, and reached Kajang 12.30 noon. Solat jenazah at Kajang, then immediately buried at Tanah Perkuburan Islam Desa Sri Jenaris, very near to arwah's family home.

Baby was OK, playing as usual that afternoon. but friends said she cried and made quite a scene earlier - letting it all out. It's better for baby to release it than keeping it inside.

We went for arwah's tahlil a week after that on 30/4. Baby was cheerful. we can't stop thinking how they really look similar to each other.

We had a chat with arwah's mom - she told us that arwah's dad couldn't stand looking at her clothes (which were taken back from kerteh), and asked them to be kept in a box. As soon as he reached back from kerteh to take arwah's belongings, he bought a display cabinet and put arwah's belongings in there - her teddy bears, watch, picture frame etc. the cabinet is put right in front at the living room.

Before ending, I would like to put a quote from K Lina : “Izma doesn’t belong permanently to us, her dear friends, because she’s only lent to us by the Almighty. Just be thankful that we had the opportunity to meet and know her for all the happiness she brought to us. Learn to let go and cherish all the fond memories that we’ve had of her. She’d never let us all to be sad, and she’ll be very happy that we remember & treasure our precious memories of her”


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Her messages

23/04/06, 2.13 pm, On that fateful day itself, earlier in the afternoon, she sounded cheerful as usual
huhu!!..hi aida!sedisnya x dpt pi redang ngan ET..ada meeting kat kl dr usual..cancel trip!!;(azni enjoy gler kat KK ngan geng nampaknya!!..xpa..kita n jue akan enjoy our enp trip starting next week..hopefully laa!!cam ne ekk plan kita??azni, ko dah tanya nue??kene plan skang...takut last mins kene tukaq plan agi..hope 2 hear fr u guys..bubye!!

14/04/06, 23.28 hrs (Her last text msg to me, after reaching home from the last outing with her)
Haha..same goes 2 u aida! Best gler kan,spi lengoh kaki, dah la jd awek ayu 2day! Au..hehe.. K, tke cr aida. Kim slm kt family awk ek! Gonna miz u.. :-( miz ur mom mufin 2! hehe

10/04/06, 21.38 hrs (After singing Happy Birthday together with Kerteh gang over the phone)
Its ok aida.. Miz u lar, wish u were here..sowi lewat 1 hari

10/04/06, 8.05 am, writing from Kerteh office
huhu..hai Aida & gengsss!!;)on my side, portion aida xda laa..bayar kat azni jer..korang..kalo ada terlebih terkurang mintak halal ekk..;)tu laa...kene plan btol2 ni..pape pon trip mesti onn jugakss..aida..together we make it happen..yg penting schedule awk..kitorg leh je adjust!!okies..bubye!! take care..
*k kl..any news..sonyap everything ok??;)
mizz ya,izma

02/04/06, 13.18 hrs
Huhu..dh tgk blog! kewl.

17/03/06, 18.42 hrs (On asking her to join Educamp in utp)
Huhu..darling! Kita kt kth lar..duty ert..Xleh join la educamp.. Bila nk mai sini agi.. :-) miz u 2!

06/03/06, 20.24 hrs (replying to her msg above, asking to have lunch together in KL on 10/03)
Huhu..bestnya. Tgk dlu cmne sbb xsure agi jtc kul bape. Nanti kita cnfm blk ok.. :-) k aida, blaja rajin2. Kitorg supot awk spenoh ati! Take care..- Everytime I feel like giving up studying, I'll remember this msg..she asking me to study rajin2

06/03/06, 19.59 hrs (She in kerteh, me at utp)
How's life aida? Pnat agi? Ee, xsabo nk bc blog awk..thanks.. Miz u lar,kejap je jmp kan. Dh la last family outg kan.. :-(

04/03/06, 17.45 hrs (During Bukit Merah Family Outing, she & Azni had to cut short the trip to attend to Azni's grandpere's passing)
Dear syg (nue) n darling (me)! kitorg (izma & azni) br je pas mkn kt ceratg..lapa gle td. Ni br nk grak blk..korg mesti tgh mandi. Nk gaduh2 ngan syg (play osom) n main beruk ngan darlg (at Bukit Merah Pulau Orang Utan) gaks. K la, gtg..kang msg agi.. :-)


Monday, May 15, 2006

Doa Perpisahan...from Putri

I have long promised Aida that I’m going to write something for her blogspot. But I wish I could be sharing this feelings and thoughts of mine at the presence of Nue, Intan, Jue, Azni, Shahril, Yuz, Hatim, Fendi – just to name a few of my friends. Friends of Arwah Izma.

Honestly, I wish I was in Kerteh that fateful night. So that I can be with my friends. Sharing the pain that they went through. I know I’m not the only one who is ‘terkilan’ for not able to see her for the last time. But knowing her is already a great honour. Everybody who knows her – be it as close friends or just a distant acquaintance - will always remember her.

I may not be very close to her, but I did share some memorable moments with her. Once I shared a ride with her to KL (only the two of us). In the car, I remembered when she told me about her childhood in which her father had to work in Segamat (being a weekend husband/father). She told me how she and her sisters were always looking forward for the weekend to meet their father and that they were always missing him. When I asked her why her father didn’t take the whole family to Segamat, she said that her father wanted them (she and her sisters) to have better education in KL. Yes, it has always been about her father.
I also shared with her that I would eventually have to make a career change in order to be close to my (future) husband (I was not married at that time). She strongly agreed and said that she would do the same “kalau kita kahwin nanti, kita pun tak nak jadi weekend wife. Buat apa kahwin kalau duduk separate”. We can see that she is a very dedicated and loving, family-oriented person. That night I stayed over at her place. It turns out that I was her only friend who had ever slept at her place…

Perhaps another thing that I can share here, which reflects her nobleness was the time when she had to turn down my request for help. Well, not really a help actually. Time tu musim rumah rantau laut kena pecah masuk. I came home from Tronoh, arrived late midnight, no one at home (housemates cuti lagi) and I realized that the living room lights which I had left on before the weekend, was off! I was really scared to enter the house by myself. After some hesistation, I called Arwah to ‘temankan’ but yes, she had already went to bed. She said sorry she couldn’t help me out. It’s ok for me. I summed up my courage and went inside. I realized then that the lights were off because my ex-housemate came over the weekend to pick up her stuff and switched off all the lights. The next day, she apologizes again for not being able to help me out. Well, I have already laughed at myself for being so scared – I shouldn’t have called her up anyway. But she took things seriously when it comes to friends in need. She really is a noble friend.

Pemergian Arwah sesungguhnya membawa banyak hikmah kepada kita semua – sahabat2nya. She has taught us a lot – whether we realize it or not. Her kindness, politeness, nobleness – Arwah punyai akhlak yang sangat baik utk kita contohi. Banyak lagi kebaikan2 Arwah yg boleh kita teladani. Allah wants us to reflect on ourselves…banyak kelemahan kita. Betullah bak kata orang, ‘Mereka yg baik2 biasanya dijemput oleh Allah lebih awal, yakni masa mudanya’.

Mengingati Arwah juga sebenarnya mendekatkan diri kita kepada Allah. Mungkin antara lain, kita terasa sesungguhnya kematian itu hampir dengan kita. Dan juga bahawa Allah itu Maha Berkuasa…

Kita juga mengenal erti persahabatan daripada Arwah. Dan pemergian Arwah seharusnya menjadikan hubungan persahabatan di kalangan sahabat2nya yakni kita semua, lebih erat dan bermakna. Kerana kita berkongsi sesuatu yang berharga… - kehadiran Arwah dalam hidup kita.

I leave you with a song I’d like to share with, in dedication to the memory of our beloved friend, Arwah Zahharilizma. A song nyanyian semula oleh kumpulan nasyid Brothers (album pertama). I was thinking about her and listening to the radio ( when this song was aired. (Changed some part of the lyrics a bit – you’ll know why when you hear the song).

Till we meet again, InsyaAllah, take care.

Doa Perpisahan

Pertemuan kita di suatu hari

Menitikkan ukhuwah yang sejati
Bersyukurku kehadap Illahi
Di atas jalinan yang suci

Namun kini perpisahan yang terjadi
Dugaan yang menimpa diri
Bersabarlah diatas suratan
Kau tetap pergi jua

Kan kuutuskan salam ingatanku
Dalam doa kudusku sepanjang waktu
Ya Allah bantulah hamba-Mu

Mencari hidayah dari pada-Mu
Dalam mendidik kan kesabaranku
Ya Allah tabahkan hati hamba-Mu
Diatas perpisahan ini

Teman betapa pilunya hatiku
Menghadapi perpisahan ini
Pahit manis perjuangan
Telah kita rasa bersama
Semoga Allah meredhai
Persahabatan dan perpisahan ini
Teruskan perjuangan

Kan kuutuskan salam ingatanku
Dalam doa kudusku sepanjang waktu
Ya Allah bantulah hamba-Mu

Senyuman yang tersirat di bibirmu
Menjadi ingatan setiap waktu
Tanda kemesraan bersimpul padu
Ku kenangmu di dalam doaku
Semoga... Tuhan berkatimu


wish you were here / everybody hurts

i have trouble deciphering what has just happened in the last 3 weeks: i keep thinking about her , wishing she would be with us within just a phone call..

i even told myself, there's nothing worth to be happy for now that she's gone.. if i laugh i feel i'm acting like nothing happened. summed up by the songs below (hauntingly tells the story of what we're all going through):

The thought of never knowing

Would kill me just the same
The solitary blossom
Reminders of a friend

What are you saying?
You've got nothing to live for
You're tired and you're broken
You just can't free yourself

And all the words we've spoken
Are buried in the sand
They're raptured and you're broken
The taste of bitter glass

Your voluntary loving
Apologies have passed
And come around again
The fragments of a reason
The taste of bitter glass

( bitter glass, 2005)

You've gotta know
I think about you every day

You're lying awake on top of silver clouds
Sending Love back down

It's real love
Can't you feel it
Can't you breathe it in

(frequency, 2005)

but, i am very fortunate to have friends who are around to help each other go through this, thanks shahril for your words (it is very meaningful, it rightly deserves to be quoted here):

Just remember this: Izma always does whatever is in her power to ensure all that is meaningful to her is/are happy. That is why when we laugh or feel happy it doesn’t mean nothing happened or that we are forgetting her. It means we are continuing to keep intact her love of all of us. And by staying happy we remember her for who she is and what she is to us, not for what had happened to her.

Rightly said. Got to dig some happy songs (been listening to brooding tunes lately). This is the ultimate recovery song - Everybody Hurts, by R.E.M

When the day is long and the night, the night is yours alone,
When you're sure you've had enough of this life, well hang on
Don't let yourself go, 'cause everybody cries and everybody hurts sometimes

Sometimes everything is wrong. Now it's time to sing along
When your day is night alone, (hold on, hold on)
If you feel like letting go, (hold on)
When you think you've had too much of this life, well hang on

'Cause everybody hurts. Take comfort in your friends
Everybody hurts. Don't throw your hand. Oh, no. Don't throw your hand
If you feel like you're alone, no, no, no, you are not alone

If you're on your own in this life, the days and nights are long,
When you think you've had too much of this life to hang on

Well, everybody hurts sometimes,
Everybody cries. And everybody hurts sometimes
And everybody hurts sometimes. So, hold on, hold on
Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on
Everybody hurts. You are not alone


Friday, May 05, 2006

so much happening

I usually don’t summarize monthly things that happened to me, but so much has happened in this month April 2006, so here it is :
My birthday

Putri's daughter, Nur Najihah Amanina, 3.8 kg born at 16.00 hrs

Sweet Amanina

What a beautiful April, until...
One of the saddest day of my life, cried like never before – my dear friend Izma passed away abruptly in a car accident. She wasn’t even 26 yet. But I’ll accept it as fate. Pls do read my previous 6 entries.

Excerpt from Quick Fade lyrics, by Feeder:
I miss you more than words can say
A part of me has torn away
A china heart will always break
A fracture to a twisted face
But things are gonna heal again
Eyes once blind will see again
I miss you more than words can say
I miss you more than words .....
Angriest day of my life. Due to a very arrogant person in my class-BS. BS is in our Drilling project (4 of us), but he treats us like s*** Here’s the transcript of our yahoo messenger conversation (coward person, he signs off immediately after dropping the s***). And doesn’t dare face us in person.

us: How's project?
us: Pls update
BS: Done
us: Can email me?
BS: Can not
us: y?
us: y cannot?
BS: I'm not a tree...that people dump s*** on, and get fruit out of it...none of u guys input r usable...i did the whole thing again...but don't worry...i have ur names on my report.

The truth is we've done our part (up till 2 am, with Putri heavily pregnant) and we submitted to him as per schedule. But our input was no good to him, and he never mentioned it to us until we asked him the progress of the report (he compiles the report). He never showed us his part. He thinks he's too good for anyone in the class. The guys have also got a problem with him.

I’ve sent a complaint letter on his behaviour to HR and UTP, still awaiting reply. Hope to get this matter settled asap.

My auntie won Grand Prize for a competition by Public Bank – a Kia Sorento worth RM 180,000 I’ve been told. A first for our clan (we usually takde ong, no luck)

01/05/06 (OK, so it’s May, but still very near to April)

Pepsi the kitten and grown up macho cat. Pepsi 1999 - 01/05/06

Our much loved neighbour’s cat – Pepsi passed away. He was very macho – always flirting and getting the gals. Always getting into fights. That may be the reason he’s been injured so much. Always calling my mom, the way I call her – yes, “mama”. His meowing towards her sounds very much like “mama”. He didn’t like us playing with his tail – very sensitive. He preferred good ‘ol rice & fish to Friskies, the kampong boy.


Thursday, May 04, 2006

My last outing with Izma

Fri, 14 April 2006

I promised to give out the summary report of our outing to her, but seems that this came too late…
This song perfectly sums up our day together : Perfect Day, by Lou Reed, 1972 (excerpt)

Just a perfect day,
Feed animals in the zoo
Then later, a movie, too,
And then home

Oh it's such a perfect day,
I'm glad I spent it with you.
Oh such a perfect day,
You just keep me hanging on,
You just keep me hanging on.

Just a perfect day,
Problems all left alone,
Weekenders on our own.
It's such fun.
Just a perfect day


Meet up with Izma at K Lina’s place, L26. Discuss theme colour for K Lina’s wedding. As her usual self, she cracks a lot of jokes. Supposed to lunch together with K Lina, but she’d already pre-arranged shopping spree with her friend.

Me and Izma take LRT to Berjaya Times Square. She needed to fix her new Nokia handphone. That’s where the nearest Nokia service centre is. At first she wanted to drive, but changes her mind thinking about traffic.

Easy beazy… the service centre is just across the Monorail. She’d have her hp formatted and cover changed (she can’t stand the slightest scratch on the cover). But she’s a bit sad that all her messages and pictures saved in her hp will have to be deleted. (Loads of Baby’s pictures at Aquaria in there, that’s why she felt sad). On the way back, a tourist asks us how to get to KL Tower by LRT, but we have no clue. Aiseh, malu org KL pun tak tau!!

Pass her car keys (her new Vios) to her daddy. She asks her dad to go back home first, she’ll ask Along to fetch her later at Kajang commuter. Meet up with Shahril.

We are already very hungry. Lunch at Fish Market – Fisherman’s Platter – yummy!! We have a hearty lunch together, cracking jokes and planning our upcoming trips together. She treats us lunch –shoot, now I owe her 2 treats !!

After prayers, we proceed to PC Fair at KL Convention Centre. The layout is different from last year, got a bit confused. (we went PC Fair spree-ing last year, together with Ju and Azni). Got myself an Mp4 player. Then we give our “expert opinions” to Shahril on which camera to choose – the Nikon S5 or 6? Choices, choices. But being Shahril, he just has to get his hands on the more expensive one. Got WiFi ma! Ye lah, asalkan bahagia heheh.

Izma phones the service centre, and her hp is ready!! Her face light up, she can’t wait to get her hp back!! After prayers, we went back to Berjaya.

She got back her hp, good as new!! Now she just need a hp cover so it won’t be scratched again.

She says it’s still early. Let’s watch a movie! We are all in a jolly mood, so yes it’d be fun !! I ask her, cartoon (Ice Age) or horror (Reincarnation – Jap horror)? She chooses horror. She says it’s been quite a while since she last saw a horror movie. Shahril teases her- berani ke balik malam2 nanti ?? She shrieks- janganlah!!! Then she laughs it off.

I’m hungry again. I have a very big apetite. But Izma & Shahril’s not hungry yet. So we have a light drink at Delifrance, while Shahril happily palys with his newly acquired hi-tech toy, oblivious to his surroundings, including his 2 friends in front of him (actually, exaggerating a bit there, hehe).

Having drink at Delifrance

Movie supposed to start at 19.45, but we’re a bit late – 2 floors cinema – so we got a bit lost. But we enter just in time for the movie to start. Biasalah advertistement yg lebih.

Not really scarry. Me and Izma not satisfied with the ending. Tergantunglah cerita tu. Cliffhanger. By now, we are already hungry, but it’s already getting late. We need to catch the train. So, Shahril suggests we hop the train to KL Central and have dinner there.

By the time we arrive KL Central, restaurants are getting ready to close, except for McDogol & KFC. So we takeaway KFC, but end up eating there. But we clear the table ourselves, OK.

It’s time to go back. I hug Izma (that was to be our final hug) and thank her and Shahril for the treats and for making my day so enjoyable.

Receive her SMS (this was to be her last one to me, and I’m keeping it forever) :
“Haha..same goes 2 u aida! Best gler kan, spi lengoh kaki, dah la jd *awek ayu 2day! Auu..hehe.. K, take cr aida. Kim slm kat family awk ek! Gonna miz u.. L miz ur mom muffin 2! Hehe”
*She was wearing baju kurung the whole day because she had a meeting earlier in the morning.

For once, I didn't regret skipping tutorial and went out instead with a friend, which turns out to be my last chance of meeting her.
After this, I'm gonna try to meet up with as many friends as possible, especially the ones whom I haven't seen for quite a while. I started off with a uni mate (ex-room mate) last Saturday, 29/04/06 in JB.
And I'm gonna constantly check up my friends and tell them to take care as often as I can.


nostalgia bersama arwah

Aku ingat lagi, kali pertama aku berkenalan dgn arwah adalah masa Q-Talk, Back-to-Basics (tahun 2003) semasa aku menjadi MC. Rakan MCku yg memperkenalkan kami. walaupun tak berapa kenal (maklumla baru masuk kerja), aku ikut geng2 department arwah makan sata and kepok lekor kat area kuala kemaman. time tu arwah pon ada, dan arwah telah belanja kami semua. katanya, duit transfernya dari KL ke kerteh. dari situ aku mula mengenali sikap arwah yg sgt generous, tak pernah lokek, sanggup bersusah payah demi kawan. tak payahla aku ceritakan, aku rasa semua yg mengenali arwah memang sangat senang dgn sikapnya itu.

semenjak dari hari tu, aku dah banyak berurusan dgn arwah, bukan setakat keja, i.e. buat contract catering sama2, tetapi juga dlm soal hati. sepanjang perkenalan aku, memang arwah seorang pendengar yg setia, pandai menasihati dan amat menghormati kawan. banyak rahsia yg dikongsi bersama, suka duka, tawa sendu dan lain2 lagi. dengan erti kata lain, aku amat menyenangi arwah!

aku juga menjadi penumpang tetap arwah dari/ke KL masa weekends, public holidays, etc. even kami selalu jugak plan nak balik sama2. dlm kereta, banyaklah yg kami discuss, daripada kerja sampaila segala2 rahsia. arwah pernah kata, maknya kata 'nyawa kat atas jln' sebab kerap sgt balik ke kl. dgn kecelakaan jln raya yg banyak sekarang ni, memang agak merisaukan jugala. tak sangka arwah menemui ajalnya disebabkan kemalangan, tetapi bukan semasa pulang ke kl, tetapi hanya untuk makan malam sahaja.

dlm kerja pula, aku memang selalu bersama arwah present paper catering di KL. macam2 kenangan ada, waktu kena bambu ngan JoDas, masa paper tak approve, etc. pernah kami bermalam bersama di Hotel Maya semata-mata nak menyiapkan justification paper kami. Alhamdulillah, arwah telah banyak menolong kami (aku dan dept) dlm paper ni. dah settle pon suma tu. memang arwah sgt lega dpt settlekan paper yg bermasalah ni.

Selain paper, arwah juga ada mengikut aku ke offshore masa berbuka puasa. aku bersyukur sbb arwah ada menemani aku mlm tu (selalunya aku sorang je) sbb ditakdirkan kejadian yg buruk telah berlaku. kalau aku sorang, tak tau la apa yg akan terjadi. cukupla aku cerita yg ni sahaja. hanya beberapa org rakan rapat (geng ketat) yg tau. banyak kisah suka duka aku dengan arwah. Masa di Vietnam sangat indah, memang kami sgt seronok berbelanja untuk org yg tersayang.

shopping2 kat vietnam

boleh dikatakan hampir semua aktiviti melibatkan arwah. antaranya mentor mentee (kami buat layang2 bersama2!), berkelah di pantai kemasek (farewell k lina), sekolah angkat, dinner ngan MOD, tgk kelip2, penyu, pc fair dan banyak lagi. itu tak kira lagi masa pi kemaman.kuantan, buka puasa sama2, dll.......

aku terasa kehilangan dia. still and always be. rasa ralat juga kerana minggu terakhir dgnnya, aku ada menolak 2 pelawaannya untuk makan mlm sbb aku dah makan bersama housemates :-(

walaupun berat, aku redha di atas pemergiannya. perjalanan arwah di dunia telah selesai, bagaimana pula dgn kita yg tak tentu amalannya? kadang2, aku still tak percaya yg arwah dah takda. tp bila aku mengimbas kembali kejadian yg berlaku, aku redha dan percaya jua.

kawan2, anggapla ini satu dugaan yg amat berat (mungkin terlalu berat untuk sesetengah rakan - you know who you are). segala apa yg kita buat hendaklah the best, sbb bila2 masa saja Allah akan amik kita. yg berhajat tu, tunaikanla hajat secepat mungkin. appreciate lah org yg tersayang...

salam kerinduan kami buatmu, Arwah Zahharilizma bt Izhar. Semoga anda ditempatkan bersama-sama org yg beriman. Amin.Al- Fatihah.

jam, 07/05/2006 02:33 PM


her daddy's view

during my visit to arwah's house after sempurnakan jenazah at arwah bahiyah's house in masjid tanah, we (the whole crew from kerteh including hj yacob, raf, capt roslan, saiful bahri, zainal kadir, idris, khairudin, alham, azah, nue and me, and also m noor hussen-MOD & hasmadi, MOD planner) have the chance to talk to both the parents and also her grandparents.

her father tell us about how arwah seorang anak yang cukup baik, very close to her family, and dikenali sebagai 'anak ayah' oleh adik beradik & sedara mara. sejak dr kecil lagi mmg tak boleh berenggang dengan ayahnya, sampaikan masa kat asrama form1 cuma tahan seminggu je and kat UKM tahan sebulan di asrama...lagi satu yang ayah dia mentioned, arwah ni mmg dari kecil lagi kalau ditanya dah besar nak jadi apa...dia akan cakap besar nanti nak kerja macam ayah...kerja di Petronas. Hinggakan masa lepas SPM, sanggup sembunyikan borang scholarship dr lain2 sponsor dan cuma fill in Petronas saja. Dan semasa interview utk kerja Petronas pun macam tu...tak nak pegi mana2 interview yang lain..tunggu Petronas jugak..sampaikan assessor amazed betapa committednya arwah utk kerja ngan Petronas sampai ditanya, "macam mana ayah awak boleh convinced awak supaya kerja Petronas"..tapi menurut ayahnya memang tak pernah pun conditioned macam tu...jika ditanya sapa idola arwah..memang ayahnya lah jawapannya.

Menurut ayahnya lagi, arwah seorang yang tak suka sport..tapi baru nak berkecimpung dgn sport last year bila dia start main netball utk Expro...kalau dulu katanya "taknak la main sport, nanti hitam". tapi sekarang nak join sport sebab dia mahu jadi seorang yang active.. arwah memang banyak contribute dalam activity YPC terutama sekolah angkat (i.e jadi facilitator, organise workshop, tolong balut2 hadiah) and kem penyu..

Program Sekolah Anak Angkat - Kem Penyu

I still can remember during induction, masa team building kat cheneh, same group dengan dia..masa pegi acara berhalangan tu...eventhough dia nampak tak fit tapi dia try juga utk complete all the activities...mmg dia persistance and ada determination...tak putus asa or mengalah...admire that about her...seem very quiet at first, but once u know her, she can be the most talkative person in the world..and also she was voted 'Most Punctual Participant' by all of us. I've started craving her delicious chocolate cake since induction program. Since then, kalau pegi PPM dept mesti minta chocolate cake...paling kurang mesti dapat gula2 or chocolate yang tersedia ada kat meja arwah...

I was one of the first of our friends yang sampai di tempat kejadian.. and identified her and arwah Bahiyah on the spot. I still can pictured her face during that time...tak sampai hati nak tengok...terbayang2 sometimes...The last time jumpa was during the Air Terjun Menderu picnic on Maulud Nabi public holiday. We all missed her so much. Very wonderful person, a good friend, soft-spoken, sweet and innocent. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat. Al-Fatihah....

Yuzaini Yusof 05/03/2006 12:25 PM


From someone who has touched her heart

Personally, i really feel sad with the tragedy but we have to be positive despite all the sadness and sorrow. Allah S.W.T love her more than us. She has left us in peace. She has been a great friend, colleague and team mate. Her dedication in anything either in her personal life or in performing her job is undeniable.

I was talking to her father on the day after her funeral and her father share his feeling about arwah. She has been a person whom he really rely on. To quote him, she has been his "orang kanan" and losing her means losing her best friend. She love her parents very much. Nobody can hurt her parent's feeling or else she will be very angry/upset. Dia lah tempat ayahnya bermanja selain mama arwah.

Arwah was very determined. Her target was to climb the career ladder in PETRONAS within 10 years or else she will leave the company and do something else that would be more meaningful to her. Satu lagi cita-cita arwah yang saya anggap paling mulia ialah arwah berazam untuk bantu anak-anak yatim. Her goal was to setup and manage rumah anak-anak yatim. Her thesis for her degree was about sociology that relates to the this group of people. Arwah akan rasa begitu tersentuh bila melihat orang2 yang berada dalam kesusahan. Arwah banyak ambil pengajaran dari program "Bersamamu" and when she watch the program, she will always say that "kan bagus kalau kita dapat bantu diorang untuk ubah nasib idup diorang".

Arwah juga seorang yang keras hati, means kalau arwah dah buat keputusan untuk buat satu perkara, dia akan buat sehabis-habisnye. Dia tak akan menoleh ke belakang and dia akan struggle untuk achieve what she wanted. Arwah juga mementingkan kualiti. Ayah arwah kata, satu ciri arwah, kalau dia nakkan satu barang, dia takkan beli satu barang tu kalau barang tu tak elok. Biar lah barang yang arwah nak tu mahal, tapi biar puas hati. Kalau tak, arwah kata baik tak payah beli langsung.

Arwah sangat-sangat sayang "baby", adik bongsu arwah. Iras rupanya memang serupa ngan arwah. Sebijik sebijan. Dia lah intan payung arwah. Dia dah commit untuk jaga "baby" sampai lah "baby" boleh berdikari. She did mentioned once that should something happen to her parents, she will take full responsibility to raise her. In other word, Baby was her "nyawa", she said.

One of the thing that i miss was her lovely cheese cake and moist chocolate cake. She was a great baker. I asked her once if she had ever consider to venture into bakery business. Her response was, may be but she will need to learn more. She will never turn down anybody's request and she was alwayz be there whenever you need any help. Everbody know this. You all knows this more than i do. This was part of her great character and value. Arwah juga tak lokek berbelanja. But, the last two week in her life, arwah berbelanja lebih banyak lagi. Her along also tak sangka rupa-rupanya sedekah amal jariah arwah pada dua minggu terakhir itu adalah yang terakhir dari arwah untuk mereka sekuarga.

Well, banyak lagi rasanya nak diceritakan pasal arwah. Cukup stakat ni dulu. Apa yang baik yang ada dalam diri arwah tu, kita jadikan pedoman and pangajaran untuk kita teladani. Akan tetapi, manusia tak lari dari kesalahan. Nobody is perfect. Apa juga kecacatan or kesalahan pada diri arwah, kita sama-sama maafkan. Arwah dah pergi dengan tenang. Nanti akan tiba giliran kita pula, yang kita pun tak tau bila. Semoga roh arwah di tempatkan di kalangan mukminin/mukminat yang di rahmati allah. Amin...

Al-Fatihah untuk Arwah...

sni, 05/02/2006 03:47 PM


our shining light

u've been standing beside me all along
in embracing life
u gave me strength all this while
n i cant believe that u r now just memories
u'll always be in my heart though
as a bright as ur smile
for u've been such a soothing life companion

thanks izma
i really miss u
i really do

having u by my side was a true bless
and u will always be remembered
as a lovely precious true friend.


from your friend, 05/03/2006 08:24 AM

genting pandu ria, aug 2004