Thursday, November 09, 2006

The disapperance...

Remember Ba Son? No, not him again!!??!!

Well, of course I couldn't give a **** (sorry, can't help it) about his whereabouts, but his disapperance does seem mysterious that one cannot help wonder what really happened to him.

Yes I know, I was responsible for the letter complaining about his attitude problem (towards us, at least, but people have said he is/was arrogant). But that letter was necessary, no regrets.

Anyway, coming back to his disapperance not long after the letter was emailed (to the relevant parties). He didn't show up for the July exams. The guys said that all his stuff are still in his room - bedsheet, pots and pans etc (but not his laptop, I know, no relevance between the laptop and pots).

His roommate doesn't know where he is. Immigration informed that he had already left Malaysia. But he didn't report back for duty in Vietnam, the company informed. And his parents when contacted, said he has not come home. He was registered for the October exam, but still did not show up. These are relayed to us by the Office, when enquiring whether we know his whereabouts.

Quite a case... Did I cause it? Of course not. Nope, not that I feel guilty, just curious what has really happened..Did I curse him so that he would just disappear and never come back? I did not. Did I plan a kidnapping, then dumping him deep in the murky waters of the mining pool? Of course not, although Kabi did jokingly suggest that.