Sunday, February 14, 2010

Route Map : Jawa Island

Jakarta - Tasikmalaya - Jogjakarta - Batu - Mt Bromo - Surabaya - Semarang - Jakarta

A massive 1874 km by car! But it wasn't me drving, of course. Within a week

I haven't blogged about this, not sure if I can remember. It was in Dec 1996. Will scan some pix and post here

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Edit: Since the pictures are grainy, and rather erm, unflaterring, I'm not posting them here I'm afraid lol

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Route Map : Medan

Route Map: Iran

Actually there's no route map for Iran!
Unfortunately, Google map cannot calculate directions to locations in Iran.

Anyway, for the record, the routes were:
Tehran-Shiraz & here too
Shiraz - Esfahan
Esfahan - Tehran
Tehran- Kashan - Abyaneh - Qom - Tehran

Unfortunately also, I can't get the travelling distance :(


Route Map: UK - Spain

London - Edinburgh
London - Barcelona

4966 km, by flight

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Route Map: Pau

Paris - Pau - Pyrenees - Paris
910 km/ way or 1820 km total (by flight of course!)

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Route Map: Bangkok

Bangkok - Si Racha - Pattaya - Bangkok
310 km, about 4 hours 14 mins

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Route Map: India

I have a new obsession! To map out my travelogue entries involving roadtrips.
I'll start with India : New Delhi - Jaipur - Agra - New Delhi
Click the link for original entry

A total of 699 km, with accumulated driving duration of 12 hours & 9 mins

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