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Tarifa, Spain

Fri, 22/8/14

Hola, Espana!

Tarifa, Spain

We have now arrived in Europe, just 1 hour away by ferry from the northern tip of Africa in Tangier, Morocco. One thing that made us realize that we were now in Europe was the nonchalant driving. Everyone was in no hurry, vehicles would always stop for the pedestrians. The immigration check in Tarifa was again smooth as in Tangier. Since we wanted to catch the 12.30 bus to Sevilla, we quickly made our way to the La Linea bus station about 500 m away only to be told that the bus had left! Apparently we didn't realize that Spain is 1 hour ahead of Morocco, meaning it was already 12.30 when we reached the terminal, and there was no way we could have caught the 12.30 bus!

Lesson learnt: Always check and update your watch to the local time, although the time on our phones were supposedly auto updated. The next bus to Sevilla (about 200km away, 3 hours by bus, EUR 20 one way) is at 4pm so we had 3 hours to kill. Spanish people have their siesta after lunch, so the ticket counter is closed from 1pm - 2pm.

Tarifa port

Tarifa bus station

Since we were hungry, getting lunch was the most obvious thing to do. From the bus station, we walked back towards the ferry terminal as we saw a halal restaurant nearby. Fortunately we found a halal kebab eatery nearby and walked in to take refuge from the scorching hot sun and refuel. And it has free Wifi! Perfect place to kill time. We chose the Rollo de Ternera (beef) and Rollo de Pollo (chicken) for EUR 4.50 each.

Estambul Doner kebab (halal with free Wifi)
kebab menu
our rollo

I'd recommend that if you choose to enter Spain via ferry from Morocco, please spend at least 1 night in this neat little port town. Many activities could be done here - see Puerta de Jerez which is the main entrance to the old town of Tarifa and Castle El Guzman el Bueno (we didn't go here as we didn't have time), swim and enjoy the beach by the Atlantic ocean and Mediterranean sea, or you can go whale watching from the boat tours. Sounds fun right?

Puerta de Jerez

neat building design and cobbled streets

beautiful houses

It was then time to go to the bus station and make the journey to Sevilla. Goodbye Tarifa, we hope to see you again

view otw Tarifa - Sevilla

toll booth



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