Saturday, March 15, 2008

Things to do before you turn 30

Due to the mundane nature of my life, I decided suddenly, while having a shower on Wednesday to do some crazy things before I turn 30 (whoa...I'm that old already)

So I messaged Crazy Mary since I saw on the board that she's planning to meet & greet Incubus on Friday. She said yes!

So fast forward to Friday 14 Mar, we are waiting at KLIA for Incubus to arrive from Shanghai at 9.40 pm (some hardworking fan did the research). We are actually not very sure whether this was the correct flight.

Anyway, we waited for an hour until they finally arrived! I clicked my camera on Brandon, the flash went out, he noticed, looked at my direction & smiled !

There is such a word as starstruck. I wanted to turn off the flash, but because I was too in awe, my mind froze, I pressed all the wrong buttons, so my pictures turned out blurry! Luckily Crazy Mary brought her sis, Iki who's a neutral,(so am I actually) and having a sound mind,(but I did not have this at that point of time) she took perfect pictures of us! (Plus it's a Lumix camera - must have this camera, highly recommended, clear crispy pictures !)

Us & Brandon...thanks to Iki :-)

Crazy Mary was more daring so she chatted up with Mike who was super friendly! Really sweet of him! (Crazy Mary terangau sekejap, I think she still is hehe...) I shouldn't have held back so much..too coy.. What a missed opportunity :-p

*Whoa..imagines myself in place of Crazy Mary*

It was all over within 5 minutes, so we couldn't really chat long or get autographs, but a fan or 2 did get Mike's & Brandon's. I had my marker pens in my pocket ready, but they were only remembered when it was a wee bit too late to have a use :-p

A short but sweet experience :-)

Someone got it on video...a bit wobbly though

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tok Mun can smile now :-)

A few anonymous good samaritans have donated generously to help pay for Tok Mun's forfeited electoral deposit. So financial contributions are no longer necessary. Perhaps we can give her moral support instead, maybe pay her a visit & give her company :-)

Hope her children are no longer angry at her for spending that much of her life savings.


Sunday, March 09, 2008

Tok Mun lost, but she won our hearts

The results are in. Tok Mun lost to the BN candidate who won with more than 30,000 votes. Tok Mun only garnered 685 votes. This means she has forfeited the deposit amount of RM 10,000 to contest for a parliament seat as she got less than 1/3 of the vote required to get her deposit back.

If you wish to help Tok Mun ease her "financial loss" (I say this because she has definitely "won in our hearts" email your name, location (optional) and pledged amount to
Her bank account no will be posted at her blog later. Please check her blog from time to time.


Friday, March 07, 2008

Vote for Tok Mun!

My deepest respect to Tok Mun (Maimun binti Yusuf) for braving it out to improve & make a difference to her community, in the Parliament seat of Kuala Terengganu P.036
She lives in Kampung Gong Gemia, KT
She would definitely get my (mental) vote ( I'm voting at a different area) for her courage & determination, being rejected by SPR for 4 times before this...she said she had to wait for 20 years for this!

Undilah Tok Mun!

Tok Mun checking out her You Tube profile
Check out :