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M Nasir DFP Showcase

M Nasir Showcase with MPO, DFP 13/7/12

I first heard about the concert from KSRP's promotion email, it did occur to me to go, but I didn't do any follow up on it, until after the promotion had expired.

Then a week before the concert, my friend Miele from the Muse messageboard asked me if I wanted to go. I said yes, why not. So I checked for the Friday show, fortunately it was still available - for the Upper Tier seats, as the Lower Tier were sold out already. I somehow thought that the Lower Tier seats should be more expensive than the Upper Tier hmmm...

Anyway, we managed to grab our tickets. So Miele and partner would be going for the Saturday show, while me and my partner Faz would be going for the Friday show. It was unfortunate that we couldn't seat together, all 4 of us. I wouldn't want to seat alone and not be able to discuss the performance.

So, on to the show. It started sharp at 8.30pm, with M Nasir looking dapper in a smart suit, but without any tie/bow. That was already smart for his level, you know how he always dress up ;) The opening song was Andalusia ( I think,missed the opener from my jottings) backed by orchestral music by the MPO which was lead by the conductor Kevin Field. It was interesting to hear a re-interpretation of M Nasir's Nusantara music with orchestral music. As always, the acoustics in DFP was superb, we imagined that we were at London's Royal Albert Hall. It would be a perfect setting for Sigur Ros' upcoming performance, but we doubt it'd be done here. No bands had ever performed here. The closest to a rock artiste performing here was Sting.

Sorry I digressed. It was interesting to hear the sounds from traditional instruments from the original songs being re-intepreted by the violins, cello, double bass, harp- yes! & horns section (for example). They were beautiful. It was an awesome aural experience.  My favourite was Mentera Semerah Padi, as it was an uplifting song, with bass and drums thrown into it. I'd always preferred a combination of guitar, bass and drums with orchestral instrument. Perfect harmony! M Nasir also brought in his tabla player, just to mix in some traditional sounds, and it did blend well. We felt like jumping off our seats but restrained ourselves as everyone else was primly seated. That didn't stop us from bobbing our heads, tapping or feet and waving our hands!

On a light side, he had a change of clothes once, as I guess he felt weird wearing suits. Just after the intermission, he re-entered wearing his trademark wacko robe complete with ornaments. Lol! He was high spirited, making interacting with the fans and joking with Kevin, sometimes talking to him in Malay as if he understood. The closing song was a joget number, yes, imagine a joget song with violins! It worked, miraculously. During this song, he invited the fans to dance with him, although he did ask if it was permissible to do so at DFP. Lol!

I'd say Kevin did justice to M Nasir's songs as he re-imagined them in orchestral version. I did discuss with Faz on some parts in the horns section of certain songs which I thought could be improved for more oomph, but then again, I'm not even a musician, but I thought it'd work ;)

According to my notes there were 17 songs performed, of course this is merely a piece of his plethora of songs, such a prolific songwriter, a genius! Kevin would have a hard time to re-compose his entire portfolio, or it'd have to take up at least 7 sessions ;)

I don't remember all his songs, so it was a bit hard to compile this setlist. He does not use the words in the chorus as the song title, and sometimes the song title doesn't even appear in the song!

Here is the setlist (based on my own notes, might not be 100% accurate):
1. Andalusia (probably)
2. Kias Fansuri
3. Keroncong Untuk Ana
4. Mustika
5. Bonda
6. Kepadamu Kekasih
7. Apokalips
8. Juwita

9. Hati Emas (Kembara)
10. Bukalah Hatimu (Kembara)
11. Di Balik Cermin Mimpi
12. Suatu Masa
13.Sahabat Gua
14. Raikan Cinta
15. Mentera Semerah Padi
16. Sentuhan Listrikmu
17. Ada



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