Sunday, June 14, 2009

Travelogue: Iran : Intro

Iran: 29/5 – 4/6/09

We have not much expectation of Iran, esp. since it’s not really a popular destination for Msians; so we were very pleasantly surprised and pleased with what Iran had to offer.

It is a beautiful country – with lush landscape and scenery; very friendly and beautiful architecture – shouldn’t be surprise that the architect who built Taj Mahal was Iranian, or Persian, as it was known then. I can’t get enough of the land of Persia.
Iranians speak Farsi (or Persian), using Arabic alphabets, but there are modified alphabets, e.g. “g” and “p” which are not used in Arabic. Similar to Jawi for Bahasa and also Urdu (Pakistani language). I find it easy to grasp Farsi, possibly because Raph, my friend who used to work there, and who arranged for our trip (thanks a lot to him!), speaks it really well; hence a good teacher!

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