Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Marracus !

Nothing much to say 'cept :

1. Thanks to those who reads my blog & asked me to update

2. That beloved Lumix camera which the wind (I refuse to blame myself haha !) dropped would cost RM 850 to be fixed. So I declined to fix it, better get a new one. It was my brother's camera actually. He's so cool about it, not that I'm not feeling guilty, but yeah, he didn't butcher me heh, I'm still in one piece :-)

3. If you want to organise gatherings / rallies, don't bother to apply for approval. It never will! (you know what I mean....can't write it here, or I could be detained without trial ! Gasp ! )

4. More on rallies/gatherings, the police would set up roadblocks a few days in advance. When the Police was asked how effective were the roadblocks? They said "Don't have an answer for that"

You can't tell really who's going and who's not going..

Owh, I get it, it's a scare tactic, so less people would turn up for the gathering.

But what about commuters ? Normal, law-abiding people who only want to return home after a hard day's work were stuck in traffic. And a friend of mine was late for her exam because of the traffic jam caused by the roadblock.

Have some mercy, please, No roadblocks or stinging water canons OK ? (yeah right, as if any authorities would read this anyway)

5. The entry title has nothing to do with this post

6. I have no pictures to attach this post with. There are no flattering pictures of me of late. Haha ! (Yes, I'm quite vain, I choose pictures that I want to put here)

7. This is not worthy of a post, so I shall stop here. There are so many interesting blogs out there already :-) Go go discover, come back again next year hehe..Goodness, this is really pointless..