Monday, April 19, 2010

Perbualan kelakar

Kih kih...can't help it...this friend of mine is damn funny when she writes.. (and so are her circle of followers). My friend is SNH

Sample 1 (this is about her son):

R,1.7 tahun - Masih tak boleh bercakap tetapi bergerak sangat pantas mengalahkan the flash. Selalu menghilangkan diri dan memeningkan kepala kotak aku utk mencarinya..Logik kah kalau aku letak loceng kat kaki dia? Berdosa tak? (-_-;)

Fren 1 comments: letakkan kerincing ala-ala penari gypsi
Fren 2 comments: bukankah kau yang patut berloceng? *jeling*
SNH: orang aneh dah muncul *cemas*

Mlm tadi kakcha (her elder daughter) bangun pukul 3 pagi semata-mata nak suruh aku nyanyi lagu Abangface (Bunkface).. bergurau apa!!?? (-_-;) Bukankah patutnya belajar nyanyian tadika!!

Fren 3: kakcha, jgn jadi aneh mcm ibu.
SNH: bergurau apa!?ini semua adalah kesalahan aku kerana mengenali kau! kau! kau!*tuding jadi kat kelompok org2 aneh*


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Batu Maloooooooooi

Continue: Ohooooooi Hoooi

OK I’m just borrowing Mas’ words - she told me it’s ala gaya Dato M Daud Kilau. Click here if you don’t believe me lol!

Anyways, this short post is about our recent cave exploration at Batu Maloi, nearby Tampin, N9. It’s not really a cave actually, but granite rocks stacked together by nature, and has been like that for many years. Some rocks leaned precariously at the edge of another rock and looked like they could fall at any time! As one of our participants mentioned, it is unlike limestone caves where we are not allowed to touch the structure, just walk/crawl through it. At Batu Maloi, we not only touched it, we climbed over, wiggled our way through the very narrow space between the rocks, crawled, leaned on, in fact we used every possible acrobatic skills you could imagine!

The route to Batu Maloi is not an easy one. We couldn’t find it on Google Map. We actually made our entrance through a SRJK (C) Who would have figured?! But I’m quite sure, there’s a different route – that was the way the local kampung folks showed us. Couldn’t be thankful enough for their help though!

The rock (it’s not really a cave) exploration took us about 3 hours from 3.30 – 6.30pm, about 1km of caving. It was 80% wet as we had to crawl through streams and mini waterfalls – it was cooling and refreshing nevertheless ;-) If you don’t really need to carry a bag – don’t! It will definitely get wet!

Our lead guide was Uncle Jo who had been exploring the ‘cave’ since he was 8 – he would be 60 next year! He told us his father found that area. They would go exploring to catch fish for their living.

Batu Maloi also had a camping site, so we camped for the night. Our guide company prepared the meals for us – nice honey chicken BBQ (although we had to BBQ it ourselves – with headlights and all!) It also has basic toilet and bath facilities (very basic – and very cold but refreshing water!) and a small tiled hall with electricity.

Enjoy the pics, courtesy of Zu

Wet wet wet



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