Thursday, May 01, 2014

Farewell Istanbul, Turkiye

Mon 3/2/14
Farewell Istanbul, Turkiye

After breakfast and checking out, we made our way to the Mosque of the Ayyub Al Ansar or Eyup Sultan Camii which only took us about 15 minutes to arrive, a stark contrast to yesterday. From Wikipedia: Built in 1458, it was the first mosque constructed by the Ottoman Turks following the Conquest of Constatinople in 1453. The mosque rises next to the place where Abu Ayyub Al Ansari (Turkish: EyĆ¼p Sultan), the standard-bearer of the Isamic prophet Muhammad, is said to have been buried during the Arab assault on Constantinople in 670. Those who venerated his tomb also wrote their wishes on the wall, praying to grant their wishes.

Image from here
Image from wikimedia

Note: As soon as I get the Eyup Sultan Camii photos, I'll upload it here. Meanwhile, the images above are taken from the web with the links attached

It was then time to bid farewell to not only the beautiful city of Istanbul and its rich history but the country Turkiye as well. I would definitely visit Turkiye again, to fully explore the places on my own time. Goodbye and thank you for the beautiful experience. See you again!

See you again Turkiye!

Summary of journey:
Istanbul - Bursa :230 km
Bursa - Pamukkale: 435 km
Pamukkale - Konya - Sultanhani - Uygup, Cappadocia region: 651 km
Cappadocia - Ankara - Bolu: 491 km
Bolu - Istanbul: 266 km
Total journey: 2074 km

Istanbul - Bursa - Pamukkale - Konya - Sultanhani - Cappadocia - Ankara - Bolu - Istanbul



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