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Mission Saigon: Day 2: 27/03/11

Today we would be continuing our mission at Ben Thant market. Also, we would be meeting up with a good friend of mine – Izwan and his family.

We woke up a bit late today – had a late night yesterday hanging out. After breakfast of toast and eggs at the hotel (included in our room package), we went straight to Ben Thant, together with Erni. Apart from our mission, Azni and Jue also bought some materials to be tailored for their office wear. They later sent their materials to Mysang tailor, just beside our hotel and had their fittings there. Their clothes would be ready by Tuesday morning, our departing day back to KL.

That took up the whole morning. We went for lunch at VN @ halal, which is just a walking distance from our hotel. Izwan and family would be meeting us up there. At VN, we had ala carte meals, i.e. I had Bun Bo Hue – it is sort of pho (pronounced 'fur') – like kuey teow soup. But the noodles is a bit like laksa noodles. The rest had Malaysian dishes – fried rice, chicken rice and cantonese mee.

Bun Bo Hue

Us with Izwan, wife Nazila & baby Adam

Izwan recommended us to take the Saigon river night cruise at the Ho Chi Minh port (no. 2 in Trip Advisor's things to do) which also includes dinner and performances. But we didn't go as we didn't have enough time – perhaps next time.

After saying our goodbyes to Izwan, Nazila and baby Adam, we went back to Ben Thant for some more unfinished business and to a supplier outside Ben Thant until the rain came down pouring, but that did not deter us from our mission lol!

Finally finishing our business, we walked back to our hotel to freshen up, then took the taxi to have dinner at D'Nyonya - a Malaysian restaurant at Dong Khoi area. At D'Nyonya, we ordered Malaysian dishes i.e. tauhu telur (this is similar to the one I tasted at the now defunct Sundanese restaurant at KLCC – but I prefered the Sundanese version), fried chicken with salted egg, chikcen chop, beef pho, Thai style fried rice and banana fritters. All were nom nom, especially Azni's pho. All costs us USD 25.29 or RM77 for 4 persons

Facade of D'Nyonya

D'Nyonya interior

Azni's pho

L-R: chicken with salted egg, taufu telur

banana fritters

Azni suddenly realized it was almost 9pm which means a certain shop that she wanted to buy some things would be closing shop soon. Or else she would be dreaming of it tonight! I'm not kidding, she dreamt of a particular bag the previous night! So she made a mad dash to rush to the shop as if there was an emergency evacuation! Again, I'm not kidding – Azni pushed the chairs and made her way out asap as if there was a fire lol!

When we arrived at the shop, they had already shut off the lights and told us to come back the next day. But luckily, before we left, the supervisor came, and let us purchase the items that we wanted. Azni was so happy and relieved, she wouldn't have nightmares tonight ;)

Before going back to our hotel, we took some karipap that Erni had ordered from her favourite supplier at the night market near our hotel – whom also sells telekung and clothes. She is a Cham Malay , so the karipap is halal – plus, it's very tasty indeed, with lots of beef! This would be our meal for tomorrow's full day CuChi tunnel and city tour trip. How thoughtful of Erni to pack us the karipap, and sponsored them too! We are so indebted to you! :D

Us with the kakak karipap

After saying our goodbyes to Erni, we had a short stroll along the night market. Azni and Jue bought a baju kurung from one the stalls here – which in my opinion is nicer than the one at a boutique we went to earlier in the evening (I forgot the name). Ah, tomorrow we will be starting early at 8am for our tour!

Choices, choices

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