Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Weddings Galore

Nooreen & Yuzaini's Wedding, 19/8/06, Shah Alam
You'll like this. No text, pics only

Arrival. Are those Giorgio Armani's shades?

Bayar tol

Nue so happy, Yuz just realised he's married


Match made in Kerteh heaven

Hehe..guess which one is Nue. Hope she doesn't kill me for this!!

Nani & Azmir, 19/08/06, Sg Petani, Kedah (pix courtesy of JJ)



Hafizan, 19/08/06. Pix courtesy of YPC paparazzi

Nani & Azmir, 26/08/06, Ipoh


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Kaka & Gigi

Now 6 weeks old. Born when the World Cup ended, 09/07/06. Their mum died, so my mum took over (retired people have too much time). Kaka is the black one (male) , Gigi is the striped one (female)

When they were young(er). Ash didn't survive. RIP


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ramblings & Rants

Warning : No pictures. Text only.

I’m dragging myself to write something for the blog after some nagging from Azni. Hehe, thanks Azni, I needed some booster to push me.

To tell you the truth, nothing much has happened in my quite mundane life.

The exam 24 – 27/07/06 (4 papers back to back)

The exam is just over, and surprisingly, I find it quite boring not to have something pressuring me up. Quite bizarre, considering I was counting the days for the exams to be over.

OK, so I slogged it off like never before in almost 4 years (the last time I ever studied was in September 2002 ). Barely had enough sleep to memorize Geoscience, Drilling equipments & logging tools. How many times have I announced that I have a short term memory, so I have to memorize these things just a few hours before the exam. There’s no way I can appreciate how the equipments work unless I have experienced working with them. Tsk ..tsk..

Anyway, my deepest admiration for Supermom, Putri who found time to read and understand the logging tools (I fell asleep reading them, sitting at the desk, not while lying on bed), did mind maps, then topped it off with teaching us ! How great is that, thinking she has little Amanina to take care of , elsewhere I have the luxury of time all for myself !! Thank you very much Putri, we love you so much. We understood you better than Mr David Bowen (not David Bowie lah) the lecturer (although he did entertain us with his Indonesian vocabulary, we think he has an Indon wife)

I also have respect for Aula, who seems so relaxed on the prospect of taking exams, she even went out to Cameron Highlands on the Saturday just before the exams. I wish I could do that, but I just can’t , I’ll just feel more guilty and might freak out. It’s time for me to take more control of my emotions. Good thing I didn’t freak out during the exam.

Oh yes, how could I forget!!!!! Remember that disgusting creature who gave us a lot of problems? Remember Ba Son ? Well, he was nowhere to be seen during the whole duration of the exam. Even his dorm mates are clueless on his whereabouts. The guys teased us girls that we scared him so much, he didn’t turn up for the exams. OK enough about him already.

Back home after 3 weeks in ‘jail’

That is the longest record we hold of staying in UTP. Usually we go back for the weekends, or when there’s no class. Although, of course I stayed back only after the World Cup finale.

K Lina was texting me already, teasing me about the Great Grand Sale going on now. OK I get the picture. So 1st destination – 1 Utama & Jusco, of course. Surprisingly, nothing fancies me, since I am not buying office attire for a while ( Jusco’s are really nice & reasonably priced ). The casual blouses are just so-so.

Next day – Sogo.
Objective : Get a pair of jeans
Verdict : Damn hard to get one that fits me. Have they heard of Straight Cut ? All they have is Boot Cut & Tight Fit. Hell, I don’t have hips to flaunt !!
Finally I got one that fits my thunder thighs, but the waist is too loose (Azni knows this already), so I have to wear belts.
Long Term Objective : Shrink the diameter of my hips. I think 2 Peter Crouch’s legs can fit in it (my hips). Azni recommends U Zap. She’s just bought one. Hey, can you use U Zap for the hips ?

Anyway, I’m not a sucker for slimming tools. I believe the old fashioned way – exercise ! So I am now going for brisk walks in the mornings (6.30 am, can you believe it??, so proud ) and hope to continue doing it in UTP. Not enough stamina for jogging yet. But wouldn’t jogging build up muscles and hence make the hips bigger ? Nah, don’t be too paranoid !

3rd day – The Mall @ formerly known as Yaohan
Nothing much here, just wanted to go to SenQ to use up the voucher we won for the Mystery Drive last March, yes, that long ago. So I got a headphone, not earphone, the kind you put on your head, outside the ear cup (it’s not cup, but I can’t remember the word, cuping telinga daa). And an orange hair dryer. They don’t have it in any other colour.

The most interesting part is not the shopping, but the journey to the mall. In so many years, I haven’t taken the public bus. Yes, so there I was boarding the Intrakota bus, alone, paying RM 2 to get to Masjid Jamek. Then took the LRT to PWTC to go to Yaohan. No use for me to drive anyway, parking is a nightmare (plus, I hate to admit, I don’t know the roads in KL )

It’s interesting to see normal, real people in the bus, not those who drive flashy cars. I regretted not bringing my camera (like Raf), as pictures of them reflect the majority of the Malaysian people. Not those you find in KLCC, those are the excessive ones, but I’m not saying they are all bad, they just don’t represent the bulk of Malaysian people.

At home

I’m finishing my scrap book of Italy’s World Cup campaign newspaper cuttings, almost finished. And watching DVDs – Reservoir Dogs (loved it !!), Napoleon Dynamite (about sweet, honest friendship of 3 unlikely, outcast teenagers), Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas (Johnny Depp talking in high speed, I wouldn’t understand it without the subtitles, anyway, too arty for me), Nightmare on Elm Street ( a very young Johnny Depp, quite corny Freddie Krueger), Hot Shot (spoof of Top Gun, stupid & funny !),Towering Inferno (whoa, very long, more than 2.5 hours !) and Cinema Paradiso (Italian) - Superb !!

DVD Live : REM at Perfect Square, Germany 2003; Oasis Live By The Sea (1st album songs only) 1995, Manic Street Preachers, Millenium Concert, Cardiff Stadium 1999/2000 - celebrating the year 2000

Latest Records : This new band Orson is really good ! Sounds a bit like the Killers.
Feeder’s the Singles – great !!, The Cribs – dunno the album name – good too !! Graham Coxon’s Love Travels at Illegal Speed and Primal Scream’s Riot City Blues – haven’t finished yet.

Finally, the Head-butt song – Coup de Boule”. Will download it. Here’s the lyrics:

Watch out, it’s the head-butt dance!
(Head-butt, head-butt)
Head-butt to the right
(Head-butt, head-butt)
Head-butt to the left
(Head-butt, head-butt)
Go Blues! Go
Zidane, he hit him
Zidane, he slapped him

The guido, he was hurt
Zidane hit him,
The Italians not doing well (me – really?)
Zidane slapped him
The ref saw it on the TV
Zidane hit him

But we (me - the songwriter’s French) lost the World Cup
We had a good laugh