Saturday, October 20, 2018

Dachstein Mountain, Austria

Wednesday, 12 Sep 2018

Today was an early start for us as we would climbing up Dachstein Mountain. Not really climbing up, as we would be taking the gondola lift and do a glacier hike to one of the peaks at Dachstein. Dachstein is a karstic mountain, and the second highest mountain in the Northern Limestone Alps. Its highest point is at 2995m. Source: Wikipedia

We used our Schladming-Dachstein sommercard, so the gondola lift was free. During the summer months, you need to book your gondola ride as there are limited seats. You can do your reservation here. We booked ours at 9.15am

We started off from our guesthouse at 7am, took the bus to Planet Planai (free with sommercard), then took the Ramsau Dachstein bus at 8.10am (free with sommercard) to the Dachstein glacier lift. We reached at the bottom Dachstein gondola station at 9am and it was full of hikers.

our bus from our guesthouse

Dachstein gondola station

When we reached up Dachstein, we walked a bit and took some photographs from the viewing platform. We skipped the Ice Palace, Suspension Bridge and Stairways to Nothingness (additional payment required) and decided to do the glacier hike instead. The hike to Dachsteinwarte (2740m elevation) took about 1 hour per way (1.7km per way) and we then returned back to Dachstein gondola station. There is a cafe hut (Seethalehutte) up there for hikers to stop by for drinks and meals. Those more daredevil can opt for a vertical hike up the rocks (not for the faint hearted!)

view from Dachstein bottom gondola station
view from Dachstein top station

view from Dachstein top station

Dachstein mountain

Dachstein mountain

viewing platform

Although it was summer, there was still glacier on the mountain but the ice was not thick so we were able to hike without crampons or hiking poles. It wasn't too slippery.

glacier hike
glacier hike

beware of crevasse
glacier hike

we reached Dachsteinwarte peak (2740m)

Seethalehutte at Dachsteinwarte peak. Notice the Nepali prayer flags

On the Dachsteinwarte glacier hike trail

We descended at about 1pm and took the bus back to Planet Planai at 1.50pm, reaching back Schladming at 2.35pm and had our lunch at Bashir's pizzeria again. We initially planned to hike to Untertal (bus at 3.50pm), but apparently the bus was non existent on this particular day. So we spent the rest of the afternoon around Schladming town, bought our train ticket to Halstatt for tomorrow and bought some souvenirs before taking the bus back to our guesthouse at 5.45pm

charming village view at Ramsau Dachstein

cows grazing

more happy cow
charming village view at Ramsau Dachstein

Rathaus at Schladming town

river at Schladming town. You can also kayak here

Tomorrow our journey would be continuing to Hallstatt



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