Monday, July 25, 2011

Incubus, Stadium Negara, 23/7/11

Ah, it was a reminiscence of sorts. Of the venue, I mean. The last time I was here, it was for Muse in Feb 2007

So we arrived in the drizzling rain at 6pm, went straight to the queue. Azni & Shahril were here too, but I didn't manage to meet up with them cos I was still waiting for 2 other mates to pass their tickets. They arrived at about 6.31pm. The queue wasn't that long, we were swiftly given access into the stadium at 7pm, it was drizzling anyway. So kudos to the organizers for punctuality :)


We had a lower tier seating ticket - it was quite a good view. And the seats are comfy. Last time for Muse, I was at a different section of the lower tier - we were seated at the wooden benches. Well, I didn't sit last time actually - I hung around at the railings actually ;)

There was an opening act - a local band called Roosevelt - I've never heard of them before, I guess they must be Jason Lo's signing (he's also sponsor Tune Talk's CEO). They were OK, I didn't really pay attention to them - dashed off the loo before Brandon & co came on stage! Ah again, our seat was perfect as it was also near to the washroom ;)

At 9pm sharp, the band came on stage, blasting it off with Megalomaniac. That had the crowd kicking a$$ and head banging & (there was one chap in front of us who was highly animated with his head banging, I couldn't help being very amused lol!). Yours truly couldn't help screaming her lungs out. Woah. Luckily I still had my voice post-gig lol! Ah, my partner in crime seemed to be enjoying himself too - considering this was his first paid rock gig experience - he was jumping off his seat in excitement lol!

View from our seat

En Brandon at the screen. Gagaga..


Crowd dispersing


Next up was another sing-a-long: Wish You Were Here.

This song is dedicated to you Shawn!

Ah, Brandon & co sounded just like their album version, I was highly pleased ^_^ (read: going gagaga) Woah, Mike's effect pedals were all over -surrounding him. He was in his own mind – doing his thang with his guitar – the mad scientist ;) Oh, the boys had nice (Persian?) carpets spread out on the stage – and Brandon’s mic was the old type – the one which you have to hold it -that was a nice touch.

I was pleasently surprised (& pleased) that they played In The Company Of Wolves - full version - with the extended bassy + the delicious guitar licks part. Pure class! I recorded the whole song. And they continued with Thieves - another favourite of mine from the new album ;)
From the new album they played 4 songs.

Overall, they played 18 songs. Faz managed to find the setlist from the net - they were supposed to play 20 songs - they omitted Crow Left of the Murder & Love Hurts. Love Hurts was supposed to be in the encore, just before the finale Nice To Know You. Hmmm...wonder why they left the 2 songs out? Not loud enough? I thought we could have brought the roof down that evening ;)

Oh they didn't play I Miss U also - my partner in crime's wishlist. My wishlist wasn't played too - I fancied Dig. Or maybe Admiration. Oh well, I guess they'll have to come again here to make sure the set is complete! But overall, it was an awesome gig! It was cute of Brandon to address us as boys & girls. :)

The setlist

p/s: I had a tip off on Friday, a day before the gig of the band's press conference at Doubletree Hilton, which is just 1 station away from my office - but this time I chickened out from stalking them hehe.

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