Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Cairngorm Mountain, Scotland

Sat 26 Oct 2019

Cairngorm Mountain

Today we would be making our way from Inverness to Glasgow, stopping by at Cairngorm mountain to do a short hike. We planned to hike for about 3 hours as we intended to reach Glasgow by 4pm and do some sightseeing at the city with the remaining time for the day. The drive from Inverness to Cairngorm took about 1 hour. On the way to Cairngorm mountain, we were treated with beautiful views of pine trees with autumn foliage and lakes of Loch Morlich. There is also a reindeer centre nearby.

view of pine trees

Loch Morlich

The parking rate at Cairngorm mountain car park was GBP 2. There was also a cafe and souvenir shop at the mountain car park. It has already started to snow so some parts of the mountain were already covered with ice, and it snowed lightly while we were hiking there. The temperatures were not too cold though and it was not windy when we were there. The hiking trail that we took was easy. We did not complete the trail and turned back after about 2 hours of hike with stops for taking pictures. It was simply beautiful!

stream at Cairngorm mountain
stream at Cairngorm mountain

the trail at the start

part of the trail

view from Cairngorm mountain

ice covered parts of Cairngorm mountain

ice covered parts of Cairngorm mountain

ice covered parts of Cairngorm mountain

After returning to the car park, we drove to Glasgow which took about 3 hours.



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