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Sigur Ros, Urbanscapes 2012

Urbanscapes, Padang Astaka, PJ
Sun, 25 Nov 2012

We booked our tickets way before the show, in August when we first heard Sigur Ros were coming. The ticket cost RM 190 (including booking fee) for a weekend pass for Urbanscapes. We couldn't buy just for Sunday as the tickets were sold either for Saturday only (which cost way cheaper at about RM35 if I'm not mistaken) and the weekend pass (for Saturday and Sunday).

Urbancapes is an art and music festival where local and international artistes perform at 4 different stages ( Volkswagen (Main stage), Green Stage, Next Stage and The Decks) and there are also stalls selling artsy stuff, paraphernalia, clothes, shoes and etc. Foods and drinks are also sold, of course. The festival runs for 2 days, Sat 24 Nov - Sunday 25 Nov 2012. This is their 10th anniversary, and my first time. The previous Urbanscapes were held at some different locations.

Anyway, back to Sigur Ros. They are a band from Iceland,  I don't understand a single thing they sing about - because they are either in Icelandic or gibberish - something they just created to suit the melody of their songs. Really. They have an album titled ( ). Doesn't matter, as their melody are really haunting, many of their songs were used in movie soundtracks.

5 of us went to the fest - myself, Faz, Miele, her husband Ridfan and Liz. Well Liz, working for BFM, she got herself a media pass. But she insisted to stick with us although she could have access to be at the media area, nearer to the stage. Me, Faz and Liz arrived just before the show started at 9pm, it has just stopped raining (more like drizzling), but the field was already muddy. Some brought tents and mats, plonked / layed themselves down, getting high with Sigur Ros under the sky. Brilliant! Since we didn't bring any of those, we just stood, but of course it was really no big deal as we were engrossed with their live performance.

They came complete with the string and brass section - there were 11 of them performing. Of course it would have been more brilliant if they could have performed at the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas where the sound system is excellent. But anyway, they brought Padang Astaka down - it was insanely high decibel - especially the thumping drums - you could feel your heart could burst in euphoria. The backdrop graphics were a great accompaniment to the visceral songs. 

Overall, they played a set of 11 epic long ethereal songs (their trademark). I got the setlist from here. Check out the review too there

Í Gær
Með Blóðnasir
Olsen Olsen

Enjoy the pcitures, snapped by the always very enthusiastic Faz.

the aftermath!
I found more great pictures here


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