Saturday, March 02, 2019

Lompolo, Finland

Fri 8 Feb 2019 - Mon 11 Feb 2019

Today we would be driving to Lompolo from Kittila, about 1 hour away (58 km). We would be staying at an airbnb cottage (RM1273 for 3 nights or EUR92 per night). The cottage is located in a small village - Lompolo with a lake and reindeer farm next door. It also provided free snowshoes, kicksled, ski equipment and sauna. For the 3 nights we stayed there, it was just doing winter activities on our own. There is also a ski track behind the cottage for cross country skiing. For groceries and fuel, we bought a 3 day supply from Kittila as there is no shops or petrol stations nearby.

Lompolo cottage

living room




ski equipment


ski track behind our cottage

fairies route for snowshoeing

fairies route for snowshoeing

us snowshoeing

fairies route for snowshoeing

fairies hut on the fairies route

fairies hut on the fairies route

frozen lake Lompolojarvi

frozen lake Lompolojarvi

trees by the frozen lake

frolicking on the frozen lake

reindeer farm next door

On the first night we were fortunate again to experience the Northern lights, but it was much fainter than the first one we saw in Kittila. It was definitely dancing though.

faint aurora at Lompolo

faint aurora at Lompolo

faint aurora at Lompolo

It was so cold that the water pipe was frozen. We had to call the owner and help came from the neighbours to heat up the pipes. We got back the water supply by the evening. Prior to that, we boiled the ice from outside to get water and we even cooked our instant noodle with it!

boiling the ice from outside

enjoying instant noodle with a view

After a 3 night stay enjoying the winter wonderland of Finnish Lapland, we made our way back to Rovaniemi, about 2.5 hours away (200 km).



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