Sunday, November 01, 2009

Krabi - Day 5

Day 5 –19/10/09
Bye bye

We booked the same van for airport transfer at 12pm. Cost us 600 Baht (RM7.10 / person). However, we didn’t get the same van this time – older one.

After breakfast, we went to Ao Nang beach North for our final jumping shots session. Turned out quite beautifully! Next, we took the tuk-tuk to the Tsunami Memorial , just about 5 minutes down the road. We could have walked, but since we haven’t tried the tuk-tuk since our arrival, this was our final chance! It was fun riding the tuk-tuk, although it went really slow. We took some zany poses, then it’s off to the hotel. We had 1 more hour before the van arrives, so we went for brunch at the usual stall, then the final last minute shopping. We got Krabi t-shirts for 130 Baht each (RM13). Quite lucky, as the night before, we couldn’t get any lower than 140 Baht.

Ao Nang -North

Final jumping shot
Paparazzo dlm semak
Tuk tuk
Mas rempit tuk tuk
Tsunami memorial

Then it’s time to check out. Sob sob. Time flew so quickly when you’re having fun.

Our van arrived as scheduled. At the airport, we went for prayers first (the surau was sufficiently equipped – we were impressed). We then decided to check in for immigration, then have lunch (we were hungry again already) in the boarding lounge. However, there was no café / food court there, just a souvenir and a tidbits stall. We had to endure our hunger pangs with biscuits, and later cup noodles in the flight.

Surau at Krabi airport

We reached KL at 4.30pm as scheduled. Izwan & Zu took off immediately as their drivers were already waiting. The rest took the bus to LCCT but we should have taken the red bus (it costs RM1 more than the yellow bus). The yellow bus arrived late at the LCCT, so we only reached KL Sentral almost 7pm! Lesson learnt: Always buy the ticket at the point of bus entry , i.e. not at the counter so that you can see and choose which bus would be leaving first.
Nevertheless, the little bumps did not dampen our spirits. We really enjoyed our trip to Krabi. We have our memories to treasure, and the pictures to reminisce and laugh together. Next trip awaits…



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