Tuesday, May 06, 2008

lagi tentang musik

Another post on my fave topic.

Coldplay just gave out free downloads of their new single, "Violet Hill", which expires today (so hurry, if you haven't already, go to coldplay.com ). 2 free shows lined up for Brixton Academy & Madison Sq. come June (those lucky people!)

I really respect these musicians who are doing it for artistic reasons, who just want to share their material with the whole world, and sending messages at the same time. And being vocal about it. Radiohead even went as far as letting fans download their last album, In Rainbows, for whatever amount they want, even for free.

Anyway, back to Violet Hill. It's quite broody, and angrier, unlike what they have released so far. I guess it's the frustations of the current situation of the world bottled up; this is them venting it out. Just look at their new album title (released 16 June) - Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends, and look at the artwork, don't tell me they aren't angry.

This artwork is the copyright of Coldplay/the artiste they hired and is a reproduction of the artwork on their website

Also, an interesting video by Radiohead for their song "All I Need", about exploitation of child labours. Listen carefully at the start of the video on the right screen.