Sunday, August 05, 2007

I've completed my Masters!!

Wahey! ( should be Alhamdulillah..ade ke patut? aihh..)
MSc in Petroleum Engineering completed ! What next? Back to work lah! (In KLCC)

Can't believe we survived it! Woah!! TQ to all fellow 3rd batch students especially the girls - Putri, Aisyah & Aula

P/S : Btw..I watched Pulp Fiction..really explicit (woah.. woah.. before u get the wrong idea, it's not the 18-SX thing lah OK, but very graphic use of illegal substances) it was never released in Malaysia, I believe. Watching it doesn't mean I'm going to re-enact it! Don't worry lah..

It just affirms my respect towards Quentin Tarantino's works! (although his acting is stiff lah..) I re-watched Reservoir Dogs after Pulp. Woah! Love it! Eh, what happened to Tim Roth? He's a brilliant actor, I should say!