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1 Feb 2020

After our adventure at Lofoten islands, it was time to go back to Oslo. We took the flight from Evenes to Oslo airport via Scandinavian airlines (SAS) for EUR 60 per person bought during the Black Friday sale with checked baggage. Our flight was at 9.25am and arrived at Oslo at 11am.

We would only be spending 1 night in Oslo before our flight back to KUL tomorrow, and only around Oslo central, so we didn't purchase any day travel card. From Oslo airport, we took the local train to Oslo central for NOK 109 per person, with the journey time of 23 minutes.

We would be staying at Saga Hotel Oslo for NOK 965 per night with breakfast. There was a problem with the system, so we couldn't check in yet. We decided to go to the nearby Akershus fortress built around the 1290s. The fortress also houses a castle , a prison, military museum and a royal mausoleum.

Akershus fortress

Akershus fortress

view of Oslo inner fjord from Akershus fortress

From the Akershus fortress, we walked to Vippa, a food hall with international flavours. We found out about the food hall from the in flight magazine. We ordered a dish of fish and chips for 160 NOK. Other dishes sold there were Moroccan, Russian and Vietnamese among others.

Vippa food hall
the various food stalls at Vippa food hall

the various food stalls at Vippa food hall
our fish and chips

After our late lunch, we went back to the hotel to check in and refreshed ourselves. At night, we ventured out a bit at the nearby Oslo central area and bought some fruits and bread for dinner.

Oslo central area at night

Oslo central area at night

We enjoyed the breakfast buffet at our hotel, taking our time before venturing out a bit while waiting to go the airport for our flight back to KUL at 4pm.

salad and fish for breakfast
bread and eggs also for breakfast

After breakfast, we walked around to Oslo cathedral, Oslo bazaar beside the cathedral, parliament building, National theater, the unique building of Radhuset, the Royal palace and Oslo opera house. We bought some souvenirs at the shops around the central area, and at 1pm made our way to Oslo central station to take the local train to the airport for NOK 109 per person which took 23 minutes.

Oslo cathedral

Oslo bazaar

Oslo bazaar

parliament building

National theater
Radhuset building

Royal palace
Opera house



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