Sunday, May 02, 2010

Stereophonics, KL Live 28 April 2010

Another gig within 2 months!

Unlike Placebo , Stereophonics took some time for me to decide whether I should go. I theorised that if I knew at least 50% of their most recent setlist, then I should go!

But I failed the test - knowing only about 8 of the songs :-p

I defied my theory anyway and bought the ticket. It turned out to be a good decision - it was totally worth it! Worth 24 songs - 2 hours of rockin' guitar licks, swaying bassline (or rather swaying bassist!) and infectious chorus. Plus it was a good winding down after weeks of slaving it off in the office. OK no mention of work should come here. Apologies. ;-)

No stalking also this time lol! Though we knew they were staying at Hotel N ;-)

I was impressed by their live performance. They surpassed my expectations. Kelly Jones' (that's a male Kelly yeah) raspy voice totally commanded our attention to him. And his glorified hands - borrowing Liz' words - commanded the crowd's cheers and screams. Glorified because everytime he raised his hands, people would cheer- the higher, the louder. He also did this at the end of the gig - before leaving the stage. He would raise his plastic cup and people would cheer - and he kept on repeating it until he disappeared from sight. That was pretty funny :-)

Kelly's glorified hands

I was impressed with the guitar playing (and admiring Kelly's sparkly guitar strap as well) especially on the rockier tunes- although less pedal effects from them- not really needed actually- as their choruses was enough to get the appreciative crowd singing along (and to an extent - some very very high pitch screaming from a few fangirls behind me). I could tolerate loud amplifiers, but not those screams! Luckily that happened at the tail end of the gig; I would have to nurse semi deafness if it had been longer lol!

Some grouses though - the backlighting was too bright that you couldn't see the guys - only their silhouttes! Argghh we couldn't really see the faces of the band members. Sigh. Another one was the overly loud sound system - but maybe because I was very near to the amps. At the same spot as Placebo actually. We initially wanted to go to the upper tier, but seeing that we could get front row, we abandoned the plan. So we had to live with poorer acoustics then. Thirdly, the gig only started around 9.20pm and finished around 11.15pm so a friend of mine had to leave earlier to catch the train and missed the climax of the gig - the closing song - Dakota!

And another one - again - the disorganized queueing system - people who came later to collect their tickets prior to the gig conveniently parked themselves at the entrance upstairs while the early birds (a group of 4 came as early as 10am!) who already had tickets waited downstairs. There was a commotion between the organizers and the early birds. When will the organizers learn? It happened also during Placebo, but this time it was worse.

Anyway, here's the setlist:

Some pictures (not so good due to the said lighting)

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A press conference link here. They tried rendang and durian heheh