Sunday, December 30, 2012

Goodbye Nepal

It's departure day today. Our flight back to KL is at 3.30pm. So we still had time to kill. Breakfast was simple - just whatever we had brought from KL - 3-in-1 nestum / milo, biscuits and instant noodles (we wanted to finish everything up anyway), plus breakfast is not included. After breakfast, we ventured out again for last minute souvenir shopping and planned to have lunch after we check out at noon. Unfortunately, Anatolia was closed today and we didn't see any nice restaurants along the way. So we decided to have lunch at our hotel at the rooftop restaurant before our taxi arrives at 1pm. It would only take about 30 minutes to reach the airport so we thought 1pm would be just enough time.

We had a very yummy but very quick (walloped everything in about 15 minutes) lunch of vege Nepali set (rice lightly fried with spices, vege curry, milk curd, pickles and pappadom) with a pot of tea which cost us only Nepali rupees 280!

Nepali vege set

Our taxi arrived at 1pm, and we were whisked to the airport in no time. Taxi fare costs us 500 Nepali rupees per taxi per way. At the airport, we were shocked to see a very very long queue - there was a group of Nepalis wearing the same uniform and prayer blessings on their forehead - most probably going under manpower companies which have secured jobs for them - I suspect in Malaysia.

There were so many queues to adhere to - first queue was before we could enter the terminal building where the officer checked our passport and boarding pass. Although we already had our boarding pass, we still had to check in at the flight counter, so this was another queue - but thankfully it was swift. Third queue was Immigration check to stamp our passports - it was a really long queue and it was already about 45 mins to departure time. The PA system had already announced our flight was ready for boarding when we were still in the immigration queue. I asked an officer there asking for assistance but he told us not to worry. 

After immigration check, we had to go through the last queue for security check - x-ray and body check, separated by gender. Luckily for us, the female queue was relatively short.We got into the plane just in time phew! Since we were seated on the left, we got another final view of the mountains. Goodbye Nepal, we certainly enjoyed our stay there and we will see you again for trekking hopefully :)

Bye Thamel

Bye Kathmandu & Nepal

Last view of mountain from flight



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