Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Killer gig

The Killers gig last night was awesome! Mr Flowers went to the 3 M'sian girls at North Block (that's us!!) & we got to take pictures with him!

The setlist were:

1. Human
2. Somebody Told Me
3. For Reasons Unknown
4. The World We Live In
5. Joy Ride
6. Bling (Confession of a King)
7. Shadowplay (Joy Division cover)
8. Smile Like You Mean It
9. Losing Touch
10. Spaceman
11. A Dustland Fairytale
12. Sam's Town
13. Read My Mind
14. This River Is Wild
15. Bones
16. Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine
17. I Can't Stay

18. Mr. Brightside
19. When You Were Young
20. All These Things That I've Done

I loved the encore the most! Awesome!

We also managed to greet the band again at the airport today before their flight to Beijing & they said they were sorry that they played a trick on us by announcing that the gig was cancelled.

Haha...OK now seriously, Nut should bring us potential mental patients to see his gf (she works at a psychiatric ward/hospital)

None of the above happened I'm afraid, it was just my wild imagination

Here's what really happened:

We were there but the Killers were not!

There were 2 M'sian girls who DROVE to S'pore and just only then found out that the gig was cancelled! We felt pity for them :(

Supposedly our entrance. Relax before what show? *rolls eyes*

Unfortunately Liz, we didn't see/bump into any The Killers' crew

We also asked for the Killers posters, but the organizers said they didn't have it! C'mon, they've already known this did they? How come there were no posters at all??!!

On a good note, we saw MUSE posters!

Other than the excursion to Sg Indoor Stadium, we also went to Fort Canning Park to reminisce about the gigs that were held there before.

For touristy stuff, we went to Sentosa as per Nut's reccomendation and tried the luge! It was great fun! We rode the luge thrice !! We actually came to Sentosa twice, once on Sunday (supposed gig day) + Monday while waiting for our flight back home
1 ride = SGS11, 2 rides = SGD=16, 3 rides = SGD20

This was us on the skyride going to the luge trek

This is harbourfront @ Vivo City mall where you can take the Sentosa Express monorail to Sentosa (SGD3)

We stayed near Mustafa centre - the only 24 hour mall I've ever seen! You can get everything here - clothes, kain2, electrical & electrnic goods, jewellery, perfume etc day & night, whenever you feel like buying! There's even a giant calculator!

Lastly, we visited Arab street before going back:


Driving us to Sg Indoor Stadium, bringing us around etc etc ^_^


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Operation Bunga Stalking : Aborted :(

I never posted my entry below and saved it in draft for months for reasons unknown

Now I know why, cos it's never meant to be!

The gig is CANCELLED! :( :( :(

Read here if you must


Gah! .. Got tix for The Killers gig in January :D

Looks like we are heading for another monkey ape bonkers trip ;-)

Since we got the cheapest tix, and it's sooo faaar away from the stage, we can't see Mr Brandon Flowers' face and fingers first hand :(

So we plan to embark on Operation Bunga Stalking then LOL! Will we succeed? Stay tuned!

Here's one of their best songs - All These Things That I've Done