Saturday, April 09, 2011

Mission Saigon: Day 4: 29/03/11

Ah, today is the last day of our trip. Nothing much today. In the morning, we went for breakfast, local style at a back alley stall (tepi lorong) - it's a Halal stall.

We had a nom nom noodle (I forgot to jot down the local name) - it looks spicy, but it's not and a local kebab (again forgot to jot down the name). Each costs about USD2 (RM6), but the portion is big and filling. Again, Erni treated us all for breakfast! Thank you so much Erni!

Makan tepi lorong

Ulam2 for kebab lorong Lorong noodle Lorong kebab With kakak tepi lorong

Before going back to our hotel, we dropped by at Tous Les Jous again (by now, this is Azni's fave bakery). Reaching back, we headed straight to the tailor to pick up Azni's & Jue's clothes, but some still needed adjustment. So to while away the time, we went for a manicure / pedicure at Femme Nails, just a walking distance from our hotel. It costs USD 7.5 (RM 22.5) for the mani/pedi package. As for Jue and Azni's package, they took the mani/pedi with spa (massage) package which costs USD18 (RM 54)

We had lunch at VN@halal again, nothing fancy, all Malayisan dishes. Then we went back to the tailor to collect the clothes that needed adjustment, and made our final visit to Ben Thant (I've already lost count how many trips we've made there!) as Azni wanted to buy some fruits.

It was then time to pack and leave. Our flight back was at 4.20 pm local time, so we still had ample time to pack. We left our hotel at 2pm local time, then still had time at the airport, so we hung around at Illy cafe' having its iced chocolate drink (USD 6.5 or RM18.75) -it was exorbitantly priced and it tasted just so-so. Gila mahal air coklat!

Posing with our hotel receptionist. Dia dah slim pun ambik Herbal Life. So how?

We finally reached KL at 7pm. At the immigration, we were stopped by a female officer, she asked me from which destination I was from, but I didn't want to answer her, so I just said we had 2 other people with me (I assumed she may be looking at our 6 bags - all cabin sized though.) Agitated with me for dodging her question, she raised her voice and asked again - but Jue and Azni answered it, and was asked to scan the bags. Then when I came to put the bags to be scanned, another officer - a male - just waved me to pass through without scanning hehe... We finally reached back Azni's home at almost 9pm, sent back Jue, and then back to home sweet home.

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