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Arrested Development, HRC, 12 Jan 2011

Ah I admit, I'm not really familiar with Arrested Development (not the TV sitcom ok)- a hip-hop 8 piece ensemble from a diverse background. They have been around for a long time and have won Grammys in the 90s. Check out Everyday People, Mr Wendall and Tennessee and chances are you might have heard one of them without knowing (myself included)

When my bro told me that they were performing 5 days before show day, I had my reservations. Firstly, I'm not really into hip-hop & secondly, I'm not so familiar with their music. If I did a test - I did this before deciding to go to Stereophonics - if I knew 50% of their recent setlist, then I'd go. I'd fail here miserably :-p

Anyway, I defied my theory again, and went anyway because after doing some homework -listened to my bro's CD: 3 Yrs, 5 months & 2 days in The Life Of..(1992) - I thought it was good, and reading that the group promotes respect for women, family, spirituality and responsibility in their lyrics/rapping, I decided I'd go!

Arrested Development performed for the first time in Malaysia (after 19 years in the business!) at Hard Rock Cafe. No need to buy tickets, just pay for the cover charge of RM55 (with drink). It was a small venue - the stage is a bit too small for the 7 of them (not all the 8 members came - 2 singers, 2 MCs (rappers), a drummer, a guitarist & a bassist), especially to accommodate one of the female singers - Montsho Eshe's crazy dancing!

The group kicked off with The Who's Who Are You riff (that CSI Las Vegas theme song) - that made everyone excited! They gamely played along with the audience - getting us grooving to the thundering basslines and the drumbeats. Of course we were highly entertained by Montsho's energetic dancing! They asked us to repeat after them a chorus off 4 Non-Blonde's What's Going On? during a teaser of Everyday People just for fun - and that had the crowd roaring for more!

Altogether they played 24 songs with 1 encore - yes, Everyday People of course!
Here's the setlist (which I got it from here):

Who Are You riff intro
We Rad We Doin It
La la la
World is Changing
Fishing for Religion
Dawn of Dreads
Ease My Mind
Let Your Voice Be Heard
Inner City
Mama's Always on Stage
Honeymoon Day
Mr Wendall
People Everyday (teaser)
I'm Bad
Raining Revolution
I Got Feelin

People Everyday (full version)

Finally, enjoy the pics!

On the right is Montsho's crazy dancing ;)

Hands in the air!



Blogger AgipĀ® said...

oh..they were/are on world tour kot. patotla i saw the big poster of them @ HRC Bali

11:33 AM  
Blogger aiyda said...

They were in Bali too? Cool ;-)

1:55 PM  

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