Thursday, January 12, 2006

travelogue - Shanghai

the bund by the river and shanghai old town at night
01/03/04 - Monday
Arrived almost 4pm local time
Hotel Portman Ritz Carlton – exorbitant room rate, almost USD 300/day !!!
Room # 2806
Cold temp about 10 deg C
Dinner at 1001 Nights inc. belly dancing. Exotic looking girls mixture of Chinese + Euro (Russian genes)

02/03/04 – Tuesday
Continental b’fast in room –our daily ritual
Shopping !!!! around Nanjing Road, Yuyuan Garden & Old Town Area together with Auntie Pat – without her we’re nothing! Can’t read, just know a few mandatory words like xie xie, ni hao etc
How to bargain you say? Just punch the calculators !! Definitely essential!! Always start at half price. Really value for money experience ;)
Brrr…cold outside, but shopping kept us warm, haha!!
Got ourselves nice & really cheap jackets (mine is jeans, mom’s Burberry hehe )
How about lunch ? McD’s fillet o fish with hot chocolate – our daily ritual

03/03/04 – Wednesday
More shopping !!! Revisit Yuyuan Garden area
We’re humbled by the Little Peach Tree Mosque - thanks to Jack (made friends with him while bargaining at his stall – a uni student, him) for helping us track the mosque
Humongous bowl of noodle for dinner ( you can put your entire face in the bowl). Enjoyed every drop of it.. yummy ( I love food anyway)
Oughta get some exercise after all that eating. Why not walk a few km to the Bund in freezing temperature at night ( 0 deg C). Great pix !

04/03/04 – Thursday
Some sightseeing today + a little intellectual excursion
What a lovely weather to be at People’s Square Park. (OK, the signage offers translation of the park’s name, if you’re wondering how I picked up Mandarin )
Love it ! Almost look like spring. Actually, it was nearing spring, the next month.
Shanghai Museum – the intellectual part ;)
Oh, had doughnut for lunch – hey they’re very expensive !
Got a nice pair of walking shoes – fiery red !! And cheap !!
We found a restaurant ran by a Malaysian – had dinner there.

05/03/04 – Friday
Shopping again, this time at Xiang Yang Lu Fashion Market, something like Petaling Street
Got a pair of jeans, and another jeans jacket – of course they’re cheap !!
Had dinner at a fancy restaurant – sponsored, of course ! Can’t beat that huge bowl of noodle of course

06/03/04 – Time to go home. Zai Jian Shanghai- See U Later
Last minute shopping for souvenirs for friends and relatives, I know, I know, I do remember you
Flight in the afternoon.
Shanghai skyline



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