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Krabi - Day 4

Day 4 – 18/10/09

The boys took off earlier at 8.30am, but it rained around 9am, although not so heavily. We started out for brunch around 9.30am after the rain stopped at the food stalls to the North. I had a nice padthai (like char kuey teow ) for just 350 Baht. Enough to sustain energy for a 2 hour kayak exercise!

The tour operator came to fetch us at 11am. The ride by jeepney to Ao Thalane was about 30 minutes, going through the kampungs. It was interesting to see the view. We felt pity for the tour assistant – a 15 year old boy – who claimed he has finished school and is now working. Our families are lucky that we get to finish school, then pursue higher education, unlike the boy (and many other underprivileged children around the world actually). So always be thankful, and reach out to them in whatever way you can.

The boy

When we reached Ao Thalane, we were divided into 3 kayaks – me and Mas; Zu and Zairul; while Liza as always, gets the guide :-p It was really fun kayaking actually, once you get the hang of it. Plus, the water was calm at the mangrove area.

Zu & Zairul
Liza & abang Thai
Me & Mas


Our first stop was the Monkey area, where we can feed the monkeys with fruits brought by the guide. The monkeys looked fierce and hungry. They tried to grab the fruits from our basket, but our guide told them off. To our amusement, they were obedient to the guide. We were told to hold out and give the fruits to the monkeys. Again to our surprise, the monkeys were gentle when receiving fruits from our hands. They weren’t really nasty after all, just hungry I suppose. Or maybe scared of the guide hehe.

Bagi makan buah
Searching for food

We then went further into the mangrove swamp. It was beautiful and peaceful in there. We couldn’t stop pitying for Razeif & Izwan for missing the awesome kayak trip. Saw mudskippers aka ikan tembakul / belacak (reminds me of Bakaugruv trip back in standard 4 – my first school outdoor trip!) I also saw a monkey swimming! Yes, swimming towards us when we stopped for the second spot.

Calm mangrove

Luckily we took the half day tour as I felt I was quite drained by the end of the 2 hours. I guess me & Mas started off with the wrong technique, that’s why we were using a lot of unnecessary energy. But then again, this wasn’t my first time kayaking hmmm…

We reached back at our hotel around 4pm, then we marched straight to the food stall for energy replenishment. Quite starved by now. We had pancakes, banana fritters and hotdogs. All fatty food. When we returned back, the guys were also back, but Razeif had already gone out to town on his own – searching for Le Sports Sacs. After showering and a bit of rest, me & Mas took the plunge again – into the swimming pool this time. There was no one around, so Mas took the opportunity to XXX (details cannot be revealed – use your imagination hehe).

Our final dinner was rather grande with tom yam, green curry, vegetable tempura and prawn in thai sauce. Splendid! All that cost us just 1000 Baht (or RM14.30/person) After dinner we went for shopping again. Then the greatly appreciated massage at Sunset as my arms were aching by now. Me and Zairul opted for the Oil Massage for 300 Baht (RM30) for 1 hour. The massage was really nice and it helped eased the ache, thankfully. The guys chose After Beach Massage (Milk + Aloe Vera) for 500 Baht while Mas and Liza chose Body Scrub (750 Baht).
Sunset massage spa



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