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The Cranberries, Stadium Negara, 4/4/12

Wed 4/4/12

I knew about The Cranberries coming to KL quite early in Feb, but I waited to buy the tickets from KSRP (my company's sports club) because they usually offer discounted tickets for concerts (I also got the Incubus tix via KSRP!) I bought the upper tier free seating for RM77 (normal ticket priced at RM110). I wanted to go because the band is instrumental in my high school years. I have fond memories listening to them while doing my homework or studying.

We drove from office at 7pm, after having filled in our stomachs first, and we armed ourselves with some buns, in case if we got hungry after the concert. Traffic was OK, we arrived just before 8pm, so the doors have already opened and there were no more queues, so just breezed through.

Our seats at the upper tier was still mostly empty, so we parked ourselves right in front of our section. The view from our seat is not that bad. I've now mostly opted for seated tix, I used to get crazy at the free standing pit back then, heheh...Of course, the view from right in front of the stage would always be better (I mean, right in front, because I'm short, I can't afford to stand at the back ) but you have to endure all the moshing and pushing.

Anyway, back to The Cranberries. They started punctually, at 8.40pm with the opener Dreams. That really got everyone excited and we were all singing along to the song. They mostly played their greatest hits (which I've already expected - so I downloaded their Gold 2CD compilation a few days prior to the gig for revision heheh). But there were also songs from their new album, Roses which I haven't listened to yet, so there were unfamiliar songs to me.

Dolores sounded just like in the album, and she looked like she never aged a bit! She was enjoying herself, playfully swaying along while singing. Only she could get away with goofying around, but still commanded attention from her adoring fans! I thought she was cute in in a little tutu-like black dress and leggings. They played Zombie before the encore though. I thought they'd play this as the closing song.

Image from The Star

Here is the setlist:
1. Dreams
2. Linger
3. Tomorrow
4. Wanted
5. Just My Imagination
6. Ode to my family
7. Dreaming My Dreams
8. Animal Instinct
9. Desperate Andy
10. Daffodil Lament
11. When You're Gone
12. I Can't Be With You
13. Waltzing Back
14. Raining In My Heart
15. Free To Decide
16. Schizophrenic Playboy
17. Ridiculous Thoughts
18. Zombie

19. Conduct
20. Losing My Mind (Premier: First time ever)
21. Salvation
22. Promises

Setlist taken from here

The concert ended at 10.15pm, so fans coming by monorail would have ample time to catch the train back home.

For review of The Cranberries gig, read here

Thank you to the Lady and my Partner In Crime for accompanying me. I can't find Mr E though, and Mr E, of course, we came! I didn't like Dolores' second dress too though. She just slipped into a baggy clothing - I guess to adhere to the authorities' concert guideline



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