Saturday, June 30, 2012

Discover Scuba!

Sat 30/6/12 : PJ Palms Sports Centre (near Amcorp Mall / A&W / Taman Jaya LRT)

Thanks to PEERS again, I got the opportunity to join another great activity - trying my hand at diving!
PEERS would again participate in a CSR, i.e. Project Aware in Combating Marine Debris - doing ocean clean up, data collection and litter prevention, tentatively slated for end Sept 2012, so I'm aiming to join - but I'll need to get my diving license first. It'd be a cool way to contribute back to society - while enjoying the scenery of aquatic life.

So this Discovery Scuba experience today would be a great introduction to test the water (literally) before jumping (or rather diving) into the real open water dive certification.

It was supposed to be 10 of us, but only 6 showed up and I was the only girl. Didn't matter, the boys treated me like just another dive member :) Our trainer today was Nick and Faris.

We started with a video introduction on the Do's and Don'ts of diving and on the procedures for a safe and enjoyable dive. Then we were briefed again by Nick, signed the indemnity form and then it was straight to the pool. We were first asked to put on our mask / goggle and use the regulator. Then it was the cleaning the mask underwater exercise, followed by releasing the regulator and putting it back (I had to this 3 times as I was bubbling out air way too much - I was out of air too soon and had to ascend to surface). Lastly it was diving to the deep part of the pool with our fins on - of course I excelled on that heheh. But going to the deeper end - you have to remember to equalize the pressure - as you go deeper, the water will compress the air pocket inside your body which are at your ears, sinuses (nose and throat) and lungs and also on the mask you're wearing. You equalize by just simple pinching your nose and blow the air from your nose. It's similar like when you're ascending in a plane then you feel some ringing in your ears. For me, I just swallowed my saliva to equalize. Simple :)

The scuba experience lasted for about 3 hours. Then of course I had a go at swimming at the Olympic sized pool. Can't help it, I can't resist to swim.

OK, enjoy this video of PEERS' collaboration with Project Aware in July 2011 in cleaning up at Bidong Jetty and a fun leisure dive at Pulau Karah.



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