Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The 2nd week

Tue 29/5
Today was my 1st day back at the office after dad was warded in the hospital
I needed some distraction
Dad was stable, but had fever, so I needed to give him panadol midnite everyday.

Wed 30/5
At work
Dad still stable. Looks good. My hunch could be right. Seems that we might be able to bring dad back to rest at home
Plus, mom asked me to buy his Appeton milk. At the pharmacy, only twin packs were sold. I take it that buying twin packs (2 tins of milk) meant  that dad would outlast the tins - which would take about a month to finish. I felt good.

Thurs 31/5
At work.
Dad still the same.

Fri 1/6
Off day today for Agong's birthday. Me & mom re-arranged the furniture at home to give space for dad's medical equipment - hospital bed, oxygen  and phlegm suction machine

Sat 2/6
Dad still stable

Sun 3/6
I felt comfortable enough to travel a bit.
With mom's blessing, I went for Azami's wedding with Mas at Jelebu

Mon 4/6
Resume work. Volunteering at WGC
Mom told me earlier in the morning during the doctor's round, doc told her that dad's condition is like a time bomb. The clock is ticking.
There are new bedsores on him
But since dad is stable, doc is allowing him to be discharged. His condition would be monitored. Wednesday will decide if he could be discharged on Friday
Mom managed to get a nurse from UMMC to come and clean dad's bedsores at home
Mom went back at noon as the hospice transporter is sending the hospital bed and the equipments



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