Sunday, April 01, 2012

Seoul Day 5

Sat 1/4

Time to go back home now :( Our flight is early in the morning at 8.15 am, so we had to take the first train out to Incheon Airport. We were a bit late and missed the first train, so I panicked a bit. But eventually, we made it on time :) The train ride took 1 hour and 15 mins, with 2 changes at Hongik University (from Line 5 to Airport Railroad) and again at Geomam to wait for the train to Incheon airport, as the train that we were in would be turning back. Ticket cost KRW 3850. But please note that there are many many staircases to climb up in the subway station to change lines! So it is advisable for you to travel with a backpack, instead of lugging your bag.

The flight back is not really full, seats nearby our row were empty, so a few passengers who didn't buy the seats filled them in. Chicken rice meal was just so-so, but then again, in flight meals rarely do taste nice anyway. So we ate lunch when we reached LCCT.

Thank you Seoul, we had a great time there. Perhaps we'll come back again to visit Jeju island



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