Thursday, June 21, 2012

The final week

Tue 5/6
Dad's condition is still the same, seems stable

Wed 6/6
I didn't know this earlier. But mom told me later - today the nurses tried to take dad's blood pressure, but they couldn't. They tried this a few times. Then they took his temperature - 34C, but his body was hot.
His feet were cold, his nails blue
Before I went to sleep, I checked on dad. He was calm, sleeping.
But I noticed something different. He was breathing very slowly again, like during the time his blood pressure was down to 86.
And there was a strange breathing sound he made,I've never heard it before. I checked again. Still breathing. Relieved, I went to sleep at 2am.

Thurs 7/6
Woke up as usual, prepared to go to work.
At 7.15am, checked on dad.
Mom told me about today's plan - my aunt would come around lunch time, so mom would go back home and prepare to bring back dad home tomorrow. Then bro would come and take back mom to hospital
I asked if she wanted me to come back early as I was on duty at WGC, she said OK
Dad seemed stable - he was calm, sleeping and breathing
I went to work
Just parked at KL Convec at 7.45am when my mom called, crying, asking me to come back to the hospital.
I think I knew what just happened
I tried to stay calm, trying to get my way back to UMMC. 
Then one of my aunts called me - asking what my mom was trying to say as she was crying, she wasn't saying things clearly. I told her mom asked us to go to the hospital.
Then another aunt asked me the same thing - and I told her the same thing.
Traffic was bad going towards UMMC - I only arrived at around 8.30am and couldn't find a parking spot- so I had to park further
When I reached our room, dad has already passed on. I saw the doc, dad covered underneath a white sheet
Then I lifted the sheet, looked at my dad's face and sobbed.
The doc and nurses left us for a while for a private moment.
We recited our prayers and yassin
Then my mom told me - what happened
She was in the shower when she suddenly felt like someone was calling her. So she went out, checked on dad. Dad breathing slowly. Then she called the nurses
She saw dad's last 3 breaths. Long breaths. Then it was the last one. She was by his side to say the kalimah syahadah.
The nurses took his pulse. Straight line. Then they called the doc. Doc verified dad has passed away at around 7.50am at UMMC room no 2, ward 6TE

Later an uncle and an aunt came, luckily they were with us, we wouldn't know what to do

It took a few hours to settle the mortuary release and permit to lay to rest

At 12 noon, dad was finally brought home.

At 2.30 pm, dad was brought to Masjid At-Taqwa for the final rites

After Asar at 5pm, dad was brought to the Bukit Kiara Muslim cemetery to be laid to rest

At 6pm, mom was the last person to leave dad


Abah, may Allah place you among the pious and religious. May Allah forgive his sins and accept all his deeds. Ameen.



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