Sunday, January 09, 2011

Nom nom nom nom

Ah another post on food!

Brought my mom to Sekinchan Ikan Bakar outlet in Kota Damansara (near to Giant)

This is the outlet at Tmn Setiawangsa. Image taken from here

Again forgot to bring camera. Anyway, we ordered:
Ikan Bakar Siakap (RM 44)
Ikan Bakar Kembung (RM10)
Rice (RM1.00 per plate)
Nasi lemak bungkus (RM2.00 per pack)
Ulam (RM 1.00 per plate)
Keropok (RM 3.00 per plate)
Orange juice (RM3.50)
Lime juice (RM 3.50)
Overall price was RM69.00 for 2 persons

The ikan siakap mom chose was quite big for 2 persons, but that was the smallest size available. The gravy is yummy (nom!), the fish is fresh. But at RM44 mom felt it was too expensive (She told me the fish of that size would cost around RM17, so the grilling+ sambal gravy making costs another RM27 then)

If you could tolerate waiting, then it should be fine, as the waiting was quite long, we ended up taking the nasi lemak & keropok as we were getting hungry. But then again, there's a notice there saying waiting could be up to 45 minutes, so be warned!

It is a self service restaurant, i.e. you only order drinks, then you choose the seafood at the counter, and take your own rice/nasi lemak/keropok/ulam/soup as you please. They will calculate it according to your helpings.

Note: Nom is a tribute to Cookie Monster's nom nom nom sound when he devours his cookies. Nom was beaten as Word of the Year 2010 by app (reference to iPhone / smartphone apps).
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Blogger Zal said...

wow, now this blog is about nom nom nom only :p

1:24 PM  
Blogger Ummi to NAJLA and EMRAN said...

Sekinchan Ikan bakar mmg agak mahal.. pari 2 keping its RM22.00..terkejut juga,,

kalau nak makan ramai -ramai and selalu not really worth it laa

3:08 PM  

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