Monday, January 03, 2011


..started with eating activities (one of my favourite pastimes!)

We initially planned to go to PD for our eating endeavours, but changed our plan to avoid the New Year crowd

We started with lunch at Wong Solo, Bangi - a sort of ritual place for us ;-)
What else if not for Ayam Penyet set?

After a bit of rest, we headed out to Sg Pelek, Bagan Lalang for seafood dinner, following Zu's suggestion. Thanks Zu! :) Luckily we set out early, after Asar, as the crowd was really big there. People coming in later were told they had to wait until 10.45 pm to have their orders ready.

We had udang masam manis, ketam sambal, sotong goreng tepung, ikan siakap bakar and kerang bakar. All are superb, we wiped clean everything! And it all costs us RM129 for 4 persons. Not bad :)

However, please bear with the drinks -the fresh orange was too diluted. And there was a confusion when we ordered new drinks - they never came - we had to cancel it in the end.

The stall we went to is Wak Lan Restoran Bayu Malam. To go there, just follow the direction to Golden Palm Tree Resort, Bagan Lalang. Thanks to Zairul for the recommendation! (Although there was no alas meja biru bunga2 anymore :-p)

Gah! There's a story behind the resort though - I'll tell you here - we just wanted to check out the hotel and get some brochures. As we were passing the security post, a Mak Guard stopped us, asking if we were staying there - we said no - we just wanted to check the place out. Then a Pak Guard stopped us to check our bags! (huh?). We reiterated ourselves again - then he said that the resort is closed for visitors for 2 days, only for hotel guests- we were not allowed to go in and the resort had already ran out of brochures. He was giving all sorts of excuses to prevent us from going in there.

Post script Note: I checked out their website later - they are having a soft opening, and the resort looks like a 5-star resort (sort of like the 7-star Palm Islands of Dubai). So probably that's why they were chasing us away? But it could have been done in a subtler/more respectful way.

Anyway, here are the pix, courtesy of Liza :)

Pix taken from here

Ketam masak sambal

Ikan siakap bakar

Sotong goreng tepung

Kerang bakar

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