Sunday, January 09, 2011

Of tolerance and salmon

Today I realized a beautiful thing.

I hung around with Iris (met her at Placebo's gig & made friends with her) the whole day. Went lunching (meatballs! - ahh reminds me of Liz, another sweet gig mate) and Ikea-ing, then back to her apartment for swimming.

Then I realised it was time for Maghrib. Iris being a Non-Muslim, I admit, I panicked a bit on where to perform my solat. But then I just asked her if she knew where is the direction of sunset (West), then she showed me. (I have no fancy handphone). I explained to her that I needed to perform my solat at her place, she said go ahead, no problem. She was blasting Radiohead on the stereo (one of our fave bands), I apologized & asked her if she could turn down the volume a bit, and she did without any hesitation. So I performed solat in her bedroom.

I was deeply touched by her act of tolerance & understanding.

Then it was time for dinner. She took me to a happening place - Sunway Giza - it's actually near to Giant Kota Damansara. We decided to eat at Ichiban Boshi (a Japanese restaurant). But before deciding that, concerned on my needs for Halal food, she went to ask the restaurant (I didn't ask her to). She was told it is pork free, the meat is halal, but they serve alcoholic drinks - and asked me if I'm OK with it. Again I was deeply touched by her act of concern.

It made me stop to think - we should be more understanding and try to accommodate to each others' needs. I'm definitely touched & proud of Iris.

Ahh done with the serious talk, let's go to the trivia part ;-)

As I've mentioned, we had dinner at Ichiban Boshi. (Ichiban means number one btw) There was a whole lot of menu, I was spoilt for choice. I think I took 15 minutes to decide on what to eat. Because I felt like eating salmon, I chose the salmon tataki or half grilled salmon with special sauce. I chose that from salmon capriocci (spelling?) or raw salmon with spicy sauce because the waitress told me that the tataki option had more salmon portion. Salmon tataki costs RM12.90 (ala carte), so I chose that with rice set (rice, miso soup & fruits) which costs another RM 5.00
Iris had the Business set at RM22.90 (which comes with Salmon sashimi or raw salmon, grilled mackerel, tofu, chawanmushi, tempura, rice & fruits).

When my salmon came, I was disappointed with the very tiny portion. I walloped everything in less than 5 minutes. Too bad I didn't bring my camera to take the pix.
But Iris' set was generous - so I walloped her tofu hehe...

This is the Executive Meal set, image taken from here

So lesson learnt at Ichiban Boshi: Opt for Set menu instead for big eaters like me ;-)
I later wrote in the survey form to add more salmon portion. In fact, my survey form was full of salmon comments lol! :-p

Oh, and while we were at Sunway Giza, I discovered Fullhouse Lifestyle Store & Cafe, which Mas had mentioned to me before and wanted us all to eat there. Definitely we'll go there next. It's so full of cuteness!

Fullhouse images taken from here

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