Saturday, December 18, 2010

An Indian Garden Wedding

Ah I enjoy learning about other people's culture, so I considered myself privileged to have attended Praveen and Rashmi's Garden Wedding at Putrajaya Wetlands this evening. Praveen is the son of my mom's ex-colleague from office - Auntie Womana. Mom and auntie have been good friends for years, every year they will treat each other lunch for each other's birthday. Sweet! Ah Praveen is married now. I remember passing my PMR/SPM books / notes to him and his younger sister Priya after I finished my exams. Sis Priya has grown into a very beautiful young lady ;-) Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get a picture of her as she was busy attending to the guests.

Their wedding started at 6pm, but me and mom only arrived at 7.30pm as we came after Maghrib. The setting was simple, but beautiful, with lightings and decorations. When we arrived, they were just about to start to eat. Food was served buffet style - with delicious thosai, pilau rice, dhalca, mutton kurma, fried ladies finger and prawn sambal. There was also a free flow of beer, but of course me and mom passed that one ;-)

Then there were performances by the Malaysian Bhangra Dancers - my, these people really like to dance! No wonder they MUST have song and dance in their movies ;-) Oh btw, Praveen's wife Rashmi is actually an Indian national from Bangalore. They met on the internet. At the end of the wedding, all the families joined in to dance together. The bride's family from India are really a sporting lot. And they LOVE to dance!

It was a really happy occasion and we were happy to be a part of it.

Bhangra dance

Intricate decor

Bride & groom dancing

Another dance performance

The family dancing together



Blogger Gayah Gebu said...

indian weddings are always, ALWAYS about dancing ey... I've attended quite a number of indian weddings considering majority of my friends are indian. and boy oh boy.. the glittery saree, the dancing, the booze. these combinations are suicidal i tell you. blom apa2 i yang pening dulu.

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