Friday, December 17, 2010

Travelogue: Jakarta Day 4

Day 4: Jakarta

Tue, 7 Dec 2010

Last day today. Our flight back is scheduled at 2pm WIB. So we still had some time for last minute shopping. My mom asked me to buy bumbu (sachet containing spices/ingredients) Rawon (a Javanese dish). We used to buy the Indofood brand last time, but I couldn't find one at Plaza Indonesia the previous day. So today's mission would be hunting for bumbu.

Our room came with a packed breakfast which was sent to the room. There were 3 choices, but all of us chose Nasi Uduk (local version of Nasi Lemak). The sambal was not enough, but the tempe tasted really good.

After breakfast, we set out to Tanah Abang again via the 3-wheeled motorcycle or bajaj (pronounced bajai). We were told that we could find the bumbu at the stalls outside Tanah Abang around the Kebon Kacang area. The bajaj swiftly took us to the market in about 15 minutes, going through back alleys. It was a public holiday too – Awal Muharram. So that's probably why there was less traffic. The bajaj ride cost us IDR 20,000. What a steal ;-)

the backalleys

We asked around where we could find the bumbu and was directed to the Gandaria wet market. We asked around at most of the stalls, but tough luck – until we asked the last stall just near to the exit. Luckily, they have the bumbu – but it was the only one left! So I bought other bumbus as well – Soto Ayam and Sup Sayur for dear Mom (which I will eventually eat anyway hehe). We got bumbu bandreg or teh susu jahe (milk tea with ginger) here as well. We searched at another mini market nearby – but still couldn't find any. I wonder if Rawon is a specialty dish for the Awal Muharram holiday? Nah, just kidding ;-)

Gandaria wet market

Saw this at the back of Gandaria: a makeshift merry-go-round, where it has to be operated manually by cycling the bike extension. Smart eh ;-)

Us in bajaj

After that, we bought some padlocks for Mas and my luggages. Realising our different reference for padlock (mangga VS gembok) , the shopkeeper asked where we were from, then he remarked that we were brave to come unaccompanied (by a local) to that area. I think he was worried about pickpockets maybe.

We still had time to kill. We went to the Tanah Abang food court to have a drink before going back. Bandreg was in my mind ;-) But there was no local hot drinks in sight, so I ordered a Bakso instead. It was then time to head back to the hotel and check out.


Pak Dodi sent his friend Pak Erwin for airport transfer which cost us IDR200K or RM17/person with double the number of luggages from the first day ;-) Only Razeif didn't have additional luggage. How the heck did he fit everything in that small rucksack of his? Hmmm :-p

Pak Erwin turned out to be “too friendly” At first we just laughed it off as a joke, then he got quite carried away with some inappropriate stories that Razeif had to divert away his attention. Thankfully before he could start another story, we had already arrived at the airport.

There was another obstacle at the airport – human traffic. Thankfully we had done online check in. But we were still stuck at the luggage drop off queue. We just had enough time for another swift last minute shopping and lunch before boarding our flight. We departed about half an hour late, but arrived 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Did the pilot speed or something? Anyway, all is well as we have arrived safely back home.

Thanks to Mas, Liza and Razeif for yet another excellent adventure :)



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