Thursday, February 02, 2012

You've still got the Mangroove...

Aha I'm still talking about mangroves...and yup, the mis-spell is intentional - a reference to my good ol' mangrove campsite - Bakaugruv in Morib that I first visited in Standard 4 as my first ever 2 nights-away-from-home outdoor trip. I guess they wanted to tell that mangroves (bakau) are groovy - hence Bakau-gruv. Make sense? I'm only kidding there - "BAKA” which means seeds can be translated as “the gene – a gift”. BAKA started as a research project in the Faculty of Education University Malaya in 1980 to develop screening tests for children with special mental abilities. It has since progressed into a full-pledged programme to develop intellectual potentials.

The school trip was organized by our very wonderful and favourite teacher - Cikgu Nasa. He always wore the NASA logo bearing t-shirt. He was a very sporting teacher. He was the hockey coach, he also introduced us softball - which wasn't (and still isn't) a really popular sport.

Back then, us 10-year-old kids went kayaking (my first kayaking too!) and trekking at the mangrove forest leading to the Straits of Malacca. I remember taking the IQ test too (with no pressure of course)- I didn't pass it though, not smart enough lol! We stayed in the triangular huts (dangau) where there were only pillows & mattresses. The bathroom & toilets are at a separate area near the dining hall. It was sure tough for me as a (spoilt) kid. I remember the boys telling about snakes and the mangrove creatures - mud skipper particularly - cos I remember mishearing it - I heard something like "Mat Selipar" & I thought the friend was only kidding lol! We didn't dare to venture out after lights off and stayed put in our huts - not even for call of nature.

Fast forward to 21 years later (eeeek do not start counting)- Bakaugruv is still standing. The dangau huts are still there with the addition of dormitory accommodation with attached bathrooms. They also organize trainings, mangrove trekking (you have to pre-book a guide) & can kayak for free at the river surrounding the camp, but you have to set up & clean up /return the kayak yourself. We didn't do any of the activities, as it was already noon, plus we didn't bring any spare clothes with us. So we had lunch instead - kampung style. Yes, you can enjoy kampung style cooking here. We ordered asam pedas - it was cheap, but the taste was so-so only. They also have ramadhan buffet during fasting month, if you're interested.

After Bakaugruv, we stopped by at the nearby Morib beach for drinks. It was really hot, so don't forget to bring your shades & cap. Nothing much here, just food and souvenir stalls and a kids' playground. Don't think the sea is swimmable here.

Read more about Bakaugruv here.

Enjoy the pix!

You can kayak here

the dangau

the nearby morib sea

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