Saturday, February 04, 2012

There's more to KL than shopping malls!

One of the weekends we were wondering where to go (read: avoiding being part of the millions of Malaysians in malls every weekend), we decided to go to KL Bird Park, although it was already 2pm and it was scorching hot! (read: kerja gila)

After lunch of Ikea meatballs (OK I lied, we were part of the millions of Malaysians in malls every weekend- but we eased the number a bit by noon), we went straight to the bird park. It is located near to Lake Gardens (Taman Tasik Perdana). Ticket costs RM25 (adults with My Kad) and it opens from 9am - 6pm daily. It is touted as being the world's largest free flight (for the birds of course) walk in aviary. Watch out for bird droppings though.. (no need to wear umbrellas) Fortunately we survived intact ;)

There's also a bird show - we didn't realize this - an excited aunty approached us and recommended us to catch it - so we caught the one at 3.30pm. It was great fun, the birds were cute :) Other activities include bird feeding & photography with the birds. The schedule is here

Birds of a feather flock together

Another weekend, we decided to go to the Islamic arts museum KL which also located near to Lake Gardens (opposite Masjid Negara or National Mosque). We think the museum isn't being given due recognition as there is not much promotion going on (at least to the locals), but it is actually no. 1 on Trip Advisor's & no. 4 on Lonely Planet's Things to do in KL! So the visitors here are mostly tourists, only a handful are Malaysians.

The exhibits are outstanding - ranging from textiles, carpets, jewellery, calligraphy-inscribed pottery and an amazing reconstruction of an ornate Ottoman room, the building itself is a stunner, with beautifully decorated domes and glazed tilework. There’s a Lebanese restaurant offering a set lunch (RM43; closed Monday) and a well-stocked shop selling beautiful high-quality crafts products and art books. (Excerpted from Lonely Planet)

We spent the entire afternoon at the museum and we simply admired the exhibits on show. This place is not to be missed -plus admission is only RM12! I never knew it's already opened since Dec 1998. Go now! Opens Mondays-Sundays, 10am-6pm. Go here for more details.

Islamic Arts Museum KL near Lake Gardens

Image taken from here



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