Friday, February 03, 2012

Dam It!

It was an ad-hoc decision. We didn't have a plan yet for our outdoor trip, so we went for a drink first at my mom's favourite haunt D' Cengkih (a Johorean restaurant- I'll blog about my fave food haunts next time) to brainstorm a plan. We decided to head Northeast towards Fraser's Hill for a day trip.

We took the PLUS highway, exiting at Rawang and after that it's the trunk road already, passing through Kuala Kubu Baru town before proceeding to Fraser's Hill. It was almost noon already when we reached Kuala Kubu Bharu.

Since the road leading up to Fraser's is narrow, the road is one way only. This place is called "The Gap" and there are designated times for flow from each direction. See here for the schedule. We had to arrive at The Gap by 3pm in order to ascend between 3 -3.40 pm. Next schedule going up is between 5 - 5.40pm, which would be quite late already

But being the buaya, I was already hungry so I requested for us to stop for lunch. I wanted to go to a Malay restaurant with kampung style cooking that my aunt took us a few years back, but I couldn't remember where it was so we didn't find it. We asked around for a nice place to eat and was suggested KKB Seafood restaurant. We ordered nasi goreng cendawan & udang goreng tepung (sotong was not available) - which tasted good! We shall be back!

We then proceeded to Fraser's Hill, but it was already 3.15pm, so it was too late to reach before 3.40pm. So we decided to stop by the Selangor Dam. It was completed in 2002 by flooding a valley containing 5km of the old road to Fraser's Hill, several rivers and two aborigine (Orang Asli) villages. Excerpted from here . The dam capacity is 344,529 million liters of water.

Images taken from here

We plonked ourselves and just enjoyed the view of calming water and the clear blue sky. I wished I could swim in there or kayak. We chatted while enjoying the view until we were told to leave at 4pm as it's closing time already. We then returned back to KL which took about 1.5 hours, quite heavy traffic at Rawang before exiting into PLUS. We'll be back here next time! (and hopefully reach Fraser's Hill as well lol!)



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