Wednesday, January 04, 2012


sorry....i haven't done much updating since the last 6 months or so! thanks zm for the reminder!

so in short, these happened:

1. short road trip to Cameron end July '11 before puasa. with liza, zairul, amin, iris, razeif, isal & manto. stayed at century pines, which was just so-so. but raju's ice cream was (borrowing hindi movie expression) mind blowing. hehe.

2. moved department in Aug '11 (boring fact ;-p)

3. secret life of nora. not bad. loved adibah noor & tony eusuff ;) Oct '11

4. first nephew (or anak saudara) was delivered in Nov '11, a boy named Irfan

5. Also met up w/ the girls - iris, liz & farah at 1world hotel for hi tea buffet at cinnamon cafe which was not so bad at RM60++
Plus we saw screaming girls (& boys) as Super Junior passed by. Yup that K-pop group was staying there. We had no idea it was them, we just kaypoh-ed & played along hehe.
donowhat la his name hehe

6. reunited with my good friend, nurul. haven't seen her in ages, which is my bad. had lovely (but healthy) korean dishes. (Believe me this has nothing to do with K pop OK. I just wanted to try it) bibimbab. dec '11

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thanks aida...sila update lagi..muhahaha!

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