Friday, June 03, 2011

Yogya Re-visit: Back Home

17/5/11 : Day 4 : Yogya – home

Last day today before going back home! We had breakfast at our hotel – which comes with our room package – nasi goreng again (lack of ideas lol!) Our flight back was scheduled at WIB 11.40 am, so nothing much could be done prior to going to the airport.

Oasis bfast

While otw to the airport, we passed by one of the branches of Nyonya Suharti Ayam Goreng restaurant. We totally forgot about it, although we had in mind to try it. But then again, the restaurant is quite far from where we were staying. Unfortunately though, we forgot the fact that we could always take away the fried chicken – why didn't we think of it? now I had fried chicken in my head :-p

The Yogya airport – also named Adisucipto International Airport is a small one, so there's only 1 cafe available there. To kill time, we had some desserts – banana fritters and tauhu garuda and drinks at the Aero cafe. Then it was time to go back :(

Ah, we also had a battle of the bags competition going on ;)

Liza: 11.95 kg

Mine : 11.40 kg

Razeif: 7.85 kg

Winner: Manto. Only 4.20 kg

Tauhu garuda

In the flight, somehow my craving for ayam goreng Nyonya Suharti was satiated. Seated next to me was Aunty Sarah, a very friendly lady who was visiting her friend in Yogya. She offered us her ayam goreng – so of course yours truly would not decline it ;) Myself and Liza also had a heart to heart talk and advice session in the short span of 2 hours with Aunty Sarah :) I love pleasant meetings with strangers such as this ;)

Ayam goreng Nyonya Suharti - thanks Aunty Sarah ^_^

At KLIA, we had drinks first while waiting for our bus to KL Sentral at 5pm. Then we bade farewell to each other, we had fun together, it was a great travelling experience ;)



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