Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In Loving Memory: TomTam

Was greeted by a sad news when I came back from the roadtrip last Saturday.

Mom told me TomTam, our neighbour's cat had met with an accident - he broke his leg, but more worryingly, mom suspected there could be internal injuries because TomTam was not eating or drinking

Last pix taken of TamTom on 1 Sept 2010

He suffered for 5 days. TomTam finally passed away on Wednesday, 22 Sept 2010. Recieved SMS from mom at the office.

I'm not sure when I first met up with TomTam, but it was probably about a year ago, after the fasting month. Our neighbour told us that her daughters found him at the nearby playground and begged her for them to keep the cat.
He was a scrawny little black kitten, but he liked to eat so much. Although he got bigger and very heavy, even heavier than Gigi, he's still quite small in size (i.e. like a pygmy @ in BM 'katik').

Initially, our neighbour thought he was a she, so he was called "Black Beauty". Then they realized he was a he, so they just called him Hitam. Me & mom did some improvisation, and called him TomTam instead.
He was a very active and naughty cat, but very smart too. If we close the sliding door (but still let it slightly open,but he couldn't fit in) he would bite and drag the edge of the curtain and slide it open!

Mom also put some railings halfway at the door and window grille, but he would climb over it and he would be inside in no time! His only fear is - like most cats - water! We would show him the water spray and he would run scrambling off

TomTam wrestling the bear

He also liked to tease Gigi. He would hide and wait for Gigi to walk past him, then he would ambush Gigi from behind, and Gigi would jump out of surprise, but if she was annoyed, she would slap TomTam in the face lol! But she was used to it already, so they continued running around, taking turns to chase each other. First it would be TomTam chasing Gigi, then it would be the other way round. We were all very entertained by the clownish acts of the duo ;-)
Another unique thing about him was he liked to rest in a superman-like pose. He would stretch straight his hind legs, tummy on the floor, front legs also stretched.

TomTam doing the Superman pose
But now Gigi would be lonely without the her naughty neighbour. Although the little black one sometimes drove us crazy with his hyper activeness, we missed all his funny acts. He was a chatty cat too, he liked to talk a lot. Not meowing, but talking, something like mumbled sounds. Especially after eating, when he's full. Perhaps he was showing his happiness.
Dear TomTam, we know you won't suffer anymore, you are safe there in heaven. May you rest in peace.
Sept 2009 - 22 Sept 2010



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