Sunday, August 22, 2010

Iftar @ Nida's

A big thank you to Nida for inviting us to her spanking new house (photo evidence will follow) in Bangi for iftar. It was a spur of the moment suggestion by Nida when we were visiting her house on the way back from Syafiq’s wedding pre-Ramadhan.

Just a small group of us – myself, Mas, Liza, and the guys – Manto & Isal. The girls cooked up a storm – of ayam masak cili padi, sayur kacang, sambal sotong, ikangoreng, pegedil and mee hong kong. Yours truly cooked up the last menu (ma’s recipe, thank you ma!) with assistance by Liza, thanks Liza! Phew….glad that the boys and girls liked the mee hurrah! Nida was the chief chef – she cooked the main dishes. Liza cooked the vege. As usual, it wouldn’t be complete without Mas’ teh tarik aka minuman tenaga, and as usual it was superb! Thanks to the boys also for bringing some kuih and drinks.

Our simple dish

Berbuka :)

We went for terawih after the simple but hearty meal, and then off to Alamanda for bowling. Heheh…Nida wanted to do some exercise after all the eating! But Isal couldn’t be persuaded to join though.. he was already feeling tired (but not tired of us kan Isal? Hehe…) So sweet of him to lend his camera for the escapade. Well, I actually brought my camera – becos I just have to record the very exclusive and modern interior design of Nida’s house. Absolutely love it! But being the absent minded me, I forgot to bring the memory card haih..tsk tsk..

Dining hall. Love the wall paper

Mounted widescreen

Sleek kitchen

Inviting downlight- master bedroom

Mounted wardrobe
Before we went for bowling, we checked out the midnight movie to see if there was anything interesting to see. But there wasn’t, so we decided to just bowl. But then we saw the poster of this Thai movie Slice that we thought was a horror movie, so we decided to buy the tix.
Gaya juara
Gadis bowling

Final score. Man=81, N=79, L=63

After one game of bowling (which “Man” won, but just by a slight win :-p) and a very slow queue to buy drinks, we plonked ourselves in the theatre only to be met by an 18SX –sexual exploitation – type of movie. It was too explicit and graphical we felt it was very very disturbing that it passed the censorship board’s scissors. Yes there were many uncut n*dity scenes and I couldn’t believe the child actors had to go through all that. It was a very disturbing subject matter, it had a tragic end, but it probably happened in real, everyday life. The director was probably traumatized when he was younger.
It’s best that we forget the gross part of the movie – but it served some lessons to us – this type of atrocity does happen in reality, and to a lesser extent – we better google the synopsis of a movie before we decide to watch it!



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