Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Post terharu: Loyal teachers

It's always a pleasure to perform the Tarawih at my school's surau. It has been more than a decade since I left my high school! The surau is much bigger now, it has its own building. Last time it was just 2 classrooms converted into a surau for the girls. The boys' surau was a simple hut near the bicycle shed.

A few of my teachers are still teaching there. I get to meet them here.

Ustaz Ahmad doesn't seem to have aged a day- still youthful and handsome (ahem) and with the same moustache and the same humour. Only now he drives a Honda, last time he rode a big motorbike to school! Girls would swoon over him, he was really nice. And he was still single! He's happily married now though (which is a good thing of course) :D

Then there is my cikgu fizik yang garang - Pn Nurhana. She's a Muslim convert of Serani descent. Her maiden surname was Bates. She has hazel eyes. She was a really good Physics teacher, we were always paying attention to her in the lab.

Another teacher is Ustazah Norlida- also very garang. She would cubit the naughty students/those who didn't memorize the surah2 that we should be memorizing for our PAFA last time. Some girls would pretend they were uzur to escape the wrath of Ustazah Norlida hehe..But of course, she only did it for the love of her students.

I'm not sure about the other teachers. Perhaps they have already retired. Or they have moved on. But these 3 teachers still remain loyal here at my alma mater,SMTTDI. Terharu pulak rasa...



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