Thursday, September 02, 2010

Wong Solo 2010 edition

A short post..

Ahh...the shiny happy people gang had another round of iftar (we like to eat huh? :-p)- this time bigger - with 12 people! at Wong Solo Kg Baru. This has become a sort of tradition, beginning in 2008, and this is the 3rd annual gathering :-D

This time we had Intan, Isal, Shawn, Nida, Shak, Manto, Razeif, Mas, Liza, Izwan, Iskandar & myself.

the gang ;-)

So we ordered the usual suspects - ayam penyet & ikan bakar and some other menu. Thanks a bunch to Isal for suggesting the menu - it was a headache to choose actually!

our menu

As like last year, we went merayap-ing to Jln TAR after eating for some raya shopping (on the eve of Merdeka day). We finished shopping by 11.15pm as we had to catch the last train back.

Thanks to the gang for the awesome time spent!



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