Friday, November 19, 2010

Reminiscing Jakarta Part 2

Ahh...the shopping malls. I remember dad taking us to Blok M, where there is a huge handicraft centre at the uppermost level. We spent hours there looking for souvenirs, and it was all beautiful!

Public transportation is by Bis Angkutan Kota (bus) or Blue Bird Taxi. The Blue Bird group range of vehicle rentals are all based on “Bird types” e.g. taxis for high market (Silver Bird), car rentals (Golden Bird), charter buses (Big Bird) and container trucks (Iron Bird). Cute!

Oh, there's also the bajaj (pronounced bajai) which is like a motorised trishaw.

The roads in Jakarta were always jammed (macet), you can imagine there are 9.6 million of people in the city alone! At that time, there were already elevated expressways where you can choose between the tolled or non-tolled routes to get around in Jakarta.

OK here are some photographic evidence ;-)

Ibu Sumami wears the tudung actually, please forgive me for posting this Ibu, but this is the only picture I found of her....Aha see the Khong Guan biscuit tin there, I'm not lying you know ;-)

Me and Yana. OMG I was so gede (fat) :-p
This was on the way to Puncak on 07/12/96
Good thing I wrote a note behind the pix ;-)
According to the note, Yana was in Jakarta from 30/11 - 8/12/96

Me and Nazli. At Tangkuban Prahu, Bandung on 26/12/97
It was windy

Lomba makan btwn my uncle and my brother :-p
At Restoran Rindu Alam, Puncak. This was during the first school holiday of 1996 (May or June probably)
Love love the ikan gurame and air alpokat

At Coolibah II Resthouse, Puncak 8/11/95
OMG this bungalow is sooo beautiful, with a swimming pool, and it even has a fireplace!
It was so serene, surrounded by the cool air of Puncak and the fir trees
I somehow remember the caretakers of the house were Nasir and Ella



Blogger Elyana said...

Owhhh Nurul...already 14 years berlalu already d vacation to Jakarta..goshhh good think u have pictures of that..mine tak tahu ke mana kena korek2 album lama..hihihi..:-PP

Rasanya kalau pergi Jakarta skrg sure terlampau byk berbeza...ehehe..

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