Friday, April 15, 2011

The Yogya Connection

Ah, I found this short essay written by my mom on my father's heritage.
Read on...

My "Royal" Connection

This is the story of 3 princesses namely Hjh Fatimah, Hjh Peng and Hjh Induk. They lived at Istana Pati (which is now the largest roundabout in Jogjakarta), on the island of Java, Indonesia. Sometime in the 1880s, after performing their Haj, the princesses together with their husbands sailed to Tanah Melayu and landed at Stulang, Johor. There, they built houses using kayu jati, Indonesian marble and ceramics which they brought along from Indonesia. They also developed the area and called it Kampung Stulang. Interestingly, one of the houses is still standing strong in Kg Stulang Darat till today. There is also a Surau Hjh Fatimah at Kg Stulang Darat.

Hjh Fatimah and her husband had a daughter named Rogayah. She married Abd Hamid from the village and they were blessed with 6 sons and a daughter. Their daughter, Rahmah, married Abd Samad and they had 5 children namely Maznah, Abd Majid, Mohd Agil, Mohd Zaid and Abd Jamil. The youngest child, Abd Jamil, died in 1980 due to illness and Hjh Rahmah passed away in 1989.

Mohd Agil, the great grandson of Hjh Fatimah, married Noraini and they have 2 children - Ajib (that's my bro - Razib) and Aida. Erm then my mom wrote a statement perasan ehehe (malu LOL!)- Or maybe we should call them Putra Agung Sriwijaya Ajib and Putri Shinta Alengka Aida.

Contributed by Noraini



Blogger ::nyetto:: said...

hahahahahaha! nama gempak! i wanna call u puteri lenka, can? =)

6:41 PM  
Blogger AgipĀ® said...

gusti putri.
kapan lagi ke yogya?

7:20 PM  
Blogger aiyda said...

can :D

soon :D

7:23 PM  
Blogger said...


then, people should call me as Putri Shinta Alengka izzah :)(lol)

accidentally jumpe blog k.aida. i used to know about our royal connection also from ayah n auntie maznah. but not as deep as yours. well,send my regards n salam to uncle agil n auntie ani. May Allah bless them with health n happiness.

so, hows ur life now? lama dah x kite jumpa kn?

looks like k.aida like travelling very much, then i recommend u to go to my place here, egypt. hehe. i can be ur tourist guide, n it is for free! hehe, promo ni, only comes once in a life time. haha..

ok sis, till here
ma'as salamah :)

6:36 AM  
Blogger Eleena said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

4:37 PM  
Blogger Eleena said...

Maaf , tapi saya rasa saya dari keturunan Hjh Peng.
Semoga dirahmati Allah. Aameen.

4:40 PM  
Blogger Siti Maryam said...

Salam sis :)

Accidentally jumpa your blog. Sy rasa kita ada connection. Sbb sy from keturunan Hjh Fatimah. I think sy generasi yg ke7. Sy lupa.. Sy just ingat my late mom, Ruhani pernah cerita. My grandma, Zaleha bt Abd Rashid. If im not mistaken, either tok Rashid or his wife, Ratna Rukinah anak or cucu Hjh Fatimah..

Siti Maryam M. Amin Al Rashid ;)

3:53 AM  

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