Monday, March 21, 2011

May you have as many kids as Chris :)

Haha...that was what Faz wrote on the wedding wish card :-p

Note: Both my friends are huge fans of Muse, Chris is the bassist ;-)

Just a short post on a recent trip to Penang for Miele & Ridfan's wedding @ Kepala Batas 19/3/11

Went with Faz. Took the train to Butterworth (Ekspres Sinaran Utara ) from KL Sentral at 0805, arriving Butterworth 1455. Train back to KL was at 1530, arriving at 2205. We took the 2nd class seat (RM 34/way). We wanted to take the sleeper/bunker, but it is not available for day trips.

Nice scenery at Bukit Merah lake.

When we arrived at Butterworth, we didn't know that the train station is actually located at Penang Sentral, which is a hub for trains, buses and jetty to Penang island, so we walked a bit to an opposite direction and hailed the first (and only) taxi that we saw - a Pakcik was waiting outside. I told him we were going to Hotel Sri Malaysia at the mainland, but he told us there was no such thing - the hotel is at the island!

So I called Miele and she said that the hotel is at Kepala Batas, which is quite a distant, and we can take the bus if we like, but it'd be quite a journey. So we took the taxi instead. It costs us RM40 one way, it took about 20 mins to arrive.

The hotel is actually right in front of the bus station at Kepala Batas. So we could have taken the bus - but then we were tired and in need of a nice comfy bed (I had a late night project before going for the trip hehe).

After a short rest, we walked a bit to KFC, of all places LOL! I was in need of my Krushers (wanted to have one at KL Sentral, but they only start selling it at 11am). But to my disappointment, they don't have Krushers here, but they do have 3 layer tea. I wonder if they have this in KL?

KFC 3 layer tea

Then we surveyed the area - looking for the wedding hall - Kompleks Sukan Bertam. It was quite near to the hotel actually, about 5 mins by car. But we figured it would be weird to be walking to the hall at night wearing pretty baju kurungs- so we hired the hotel van for RM10 one way.

We arrived quite early at 8am, most of the guests have not arrived yet, and we were ushered to the buffet table to help ourselves to the dishes. I felt weird, as usually, if I go to wedding dinners (at night), we would have to wait for the bride & groom to arrive, bersanding and then only the guests can tuck in.

Anyway, it was a very simple ceremony, no merejnis / menepung tawar. The pengantin came in, straight to the dais, sat for briefly for the doa, and then went straight to the dining table, have their santapan, then cut the cake, and it was done by 9.30pm We took our pictures with the happy couple, then excused ourselves back to the hotel as we were both very sleepy by the lack of sleep the previous day

Resplendent couple ^_^

Next day we woke up a bit late, just in time before the breakfast buffet ends at 10am. After checking out (hotel rate costs RM140/nite for standard room), we planned to take the bus to the Penang Sentral. We were told to take the 601 bus, but after about 30 mins, there was still no sign of it. So we asked for a taxi. Just when our taxi arrived, bus 601 arrived at the same time, so we had to take the taxi. But if we took the bus, it might take another hour there, so we didn't want to risk it.

Arriving at Penang Sentral, we put our bags at the KTM luggage room - you have to ask for it, there's no locker signage - and you have to pay RM3 per bag. Then we walked to the jetty (the pakcik taxi from Day 1 exaggerated that one would have to walk 1 km from the train station to the jetty ). It took us only 5 minutes! Maybe it felt like 1km to him ;-) Funny pakcik him, quite tough to understand his thick Northen accent, but we laughed heartily anyway :)

It was only 12 noon so there was still time to kill before our train back to KL arrives at 1530. So we took the ferry to the island (cost us RM1.20 only). It's free from Penang island back to the mainland though. The ferry ride took us about 20 mins. The vehicle ferry is faster than the passenger ferry, I guess they didn't want the vehicles to be stuck in traffic.

Vehicle ferry

Passenger ferry

Going to Penang Island!

We reached Penang island at 1pm, walked quite a bit (as most of the shops are closed) under the scorching sun looking for nasi kandar. We finally managed to find one after walking about 15 mins, tucked in, then walked back to the jetty and took the ferry back to Butterworth, arriving at 2.30pm, just the right timing.

While waiting for the train, we played around with a cute and smart kitty - Mr Orange, as he has orange eyes :)

Meet Mr Orange!

Back to KL it was raining, so it was freezing cold in the train. We finally arrived KL Sentral at 2205.

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